Still missing certain people… I know they have a life.


i miss my grandpa


Sorry but I feel ya.


I miss you too SO MUCH Rosyyyyyy :sob:



Same :sob:

  1. I miss Strange The Squirrel (I took him under my care when I saw him getting attacked by crows when he was just an infant) who passed away five years ago.
  2. I miss the bubbly fraternal twins (I nannied them) who went back to New York.
  3. I miss my grandmother who is no longer with us now…


Awww… thanks for sharing… sorry you are missing people… I’m always here if ya want to or need someone to talk to


I miss a lot of people off the forums… Mostly the people of the old ES… But especially @jenniferH… I also miss quite some people who were in the what started as gamers chats but now basically left the forums or forgot about it…
In real life I miss a pretty good friend from volleyball who passed away suddenly I think about a year ago… Her dad is secretary of state and gets in the news quite a lot, every time he is in the news I still have to think about her and feel a little sad…


Why is it that people always leave???

i think I want to sit in the corner crying!!


lol im here im back ima be active again


Yeah! We can fight for cakes :upside_down_face:




I damn miss you :sob: nah…I was happily eating cakes