Game not working

A couple days ago I was reading a story on episode, then my phone did a force restart, when I opened my phone again and went on episode I was shown the welcome to episode screen and was recommended stories as if I have just started the game, when I continued, I had no saved stories on the home screen, I had the exact same amount of passes that I originally had, then I went on the find the stories I was reading and when I went to continue them the stories welcome screen appeared, now a couple of day later after submitting a ticket with photos of my issue, when I go into the app, I’m shown the welcome screen telling me I need to be 13+, when I try to continue I get stuck on a pink opening screen and I can’t go any further. Please fix this issue as I have already alerted episode about my issue and nothing has been done.

Hello @Rebecca100, this is Sydney the Moderator! Thanks for coming here with your questions. :smiley:

You’ll need to submit a new ticket to the support team and explain what the issue is. They should be able to help you from there. :wink: