Game of thrones ideas

Elements of the story are like Political integrity,

Inspiration of GOT

how did get into power?

until your son is old enough to rule your the regent Queen

your husband died and left you to rule over his city-state

a short story like

decisions of being a ruler of a city state: and slowly you become more powerful and gains other cities thru war, diplomacy, or through loyalty ( liking you or fearing you)

your actions

Lilly was a farm girl that took the Lord of Coradam’s fancy, even those she was in love with a farm boy he took her and married her in an month after lying with her.

In battle with the neighboring city of Rissin. He is killed in battle. He was wounded taken to his chambers his last words that his son would take the throne, by his son was only 2 years old too young to take over the throne so now Lilly is the Queen regent until her son can take over the throne.

Rissan king wants to take the port city but the King of the North from Northdale established Lilly as queen until her son is old enough to rule.

Your husband’s general Seisom defeats the Rissi army running them back to Rissin. He uses Lilly you to call his army together.

Lord Seisom calls you in his headquarters “Dear Queen your army has conguered the cruel Rissin King.”

Lilly only 21 with no formal experience what do you do?

1] Marry him to keep your crown? you live in a loveless marriage having his children

2] THank Lord Seisom make him a chief advisor ? THe story takes off

3] So what? I was getting my army together? He gets his second in command to kill you rt on the spot

Lilly was young, when her husband the king died

choose your advisors: 9 to choose from only three at a time from military, trade, public manager and also a religious advisor that you dont get to choice and a General from King of the south that you have to bare and hate on your counsel.

Lord Seisom makes a play for you during court

Lord Seisom you will be honored it save Coradam that it doesnt get taken over by Rissin.

I should talk to Lord Rissin and ask him why?

He smiles at court he has a party ale, pig, and music to entertain you.

"You were friends with my husband I was told why did you try to take over my city?

“im an old man, Im thinking about my sons Lucus and Abal both handsome men and would make a good husband for a widow like you. I had to give it a try, your city is a great port city for the north and I wanted your city.”

He asked you about his sons

1] Yes , intrigue of the guys as they go to her castle as she tries to rule set as one of the advisors, Lord Rissin has some loyality to you a small army gain

          you will get a visit from each of the sons and know what they are, you can consider marrying one of them or                not now

2] No, Lord Risson is upset and kills you

3] Let me think about it, to live another day back to the castle

           but be for you go to your castle  you will get a visit from each of the sons and know what they are, you can                 consider marrying one of them or  not now

Your husband his office was in a bar that he taking many of a call girl here.

Your husband was not a righteous man, he did cheap on you and kill for you you know your friend Markus he did kill because he liked you too much.

the court

the good decisions you get coin and respect, to the north or the south until you a force to be be in good relations with both sides

raise your army

bride, power, passion, sent assistance, taking advancing of situations

helping your civilians, slaves or no slaves, dealing with your religious leader, having to please him

playboy brother that gets into trouble rebel for the north, he has ran for to the north side, inbetween the north King and the southern King, which side do you side with

If we remain neutral until one has the upper hand

The North, we are northerns, loyality to Northdale

The south they do have the power rt now it could change but think about our trade much of our business comes from the capital and your husband bent the knee to the King of the south.

a spy

dealing with bandits on the roads

Your trade is getting robbed by bandits they take what they have the trader want something done

Lets investigate were the bandits are coming fm, get down to who it is ( one of the advisors investigates- 50 coins)

protect the trader going to RIssin and Northdale, hire guards (-100 coins)

ignore it you have better things to do a ball to throw

raiders plundering the farmlands

fight force with force


winter is coming stock pile

forced to deal with a camping southern army that tries to bully you, insults t=your civilians, takes what they think they need to feed their army

upgrading your defenses that bandits cant invade your town

town growth

boytoy that the advisors dont like

building army ships trade grains food meats furs

city is in the mouth of a large river that the north and south wants to control

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