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Even You are and I would love to be your friend!

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Leave in

How are you?

Nugget Tired lol my younger siblings won’t go sleep but then again neither will I— do you have any siblings?

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I had a brother, who died, and a visually impaired sister.

Time Really? I’m sorry to hear that :slightly_frowning_face: I’m sure you’re brother is in a great place and will smile at you proudly, and I also wish your sister luck. :hugs:

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Good luck for?

Eating Just to get through life with her impaired vision, though I’m positive your sister is strong and can make it through! :grin:

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Strong? She is the strongest person I have ever seen

Genesis That’s good, because that means you’re strong too because of the same environment and genes and all that. :grin:

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Oh really? I have been living in hell for many months

Sister Is that so? Do you want to talk about it? We can always PM each other ^^ Plus it might help to rant from time to time, y’know?

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May i know what you meant by the it might help to rant from time to time?

Right I mean that you can always can PM me to rant about your problems or ask for advice about your problems. :grin:

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Oh you are so nice! :sob::sob::sob:

Tighten Nah I’m just being a good friend! :grin:

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Do you have any pets?

Night Haha, sadly no. My siblings are enough for my mom :joy:

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I’ve got 2 tabby cats, one puppy, 2 pigeons, 1 parrot and a flock of sheep in our village farm

Titan Whoa, that’s a bunch of pets. :open_mouth: They must mean dear to you and hard to handle. :sweat_smile:

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Right hand

Yes they are. But not so hard to handle. I am expecting another pet on christmas

They are disciplined and trained