GAME: Pick One, Kick One!

GAME: Pick One, Kick One!

So if you have not been in YouTube for the past months, here’s how you play Pick One, Kick One. Basically, you have to pick out of the two people/song/etc. someone to kick and the other one is your pick! Basically meaning you like one other than the other.

Here’s your first one:
Pick or Kick?

Mom or dad? :wink:


pick mom, kick dad. lol this is mean but he can be an ass sometimes.

pick or kick: nicki minaj or cardi b?

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P- Cardi B K- Nikki Minaj

Episode or Wattpad

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Pick - Episode
Kick - Wattpad

Limelight or Ink?

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Pick - Limelight
Kick - Ink

Unicorn or dragon?

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Pick dragon, kick unicorn

Dogs or cats?

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Pick cats and sorry I ain’t kicking no animals

Riverdale or stranger things?

Pick ST and kick Riverdale.

Netflix or YouTube?

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Pick Netflix, Kick Youtube

Rain or Sun?


Pick Rain, Kick Sun

Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries?

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Pick Vampire Diaries
Kick Teen Wolf

Long hair or short hair


Hmm… define short hair? I’m assuming short is just below the ears and long is below shoulders.
Pick - Long
Kick - Short

Cinderella or Aurora?

Pick Aurora, kick Cinderella

Romance or comedy?

Pick Romance and Kick Comdey

Aidan Gallagher & Noah Schanpp

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Pick Noah Schanpp kick Aidan Gallagher

Ariana or Camila?

I’m so sorry for Camila fans. Don’t worry I kick weakly. :blush:

Pick Ariana, Kick Camila.

Food or Sleep?

Pick food, kick sleep :sleeping:

Sweet or Savoury?

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Pick sour and kick sweet

Day or night?

Pick - Day
Kick - Night

Sweatpants or dresses?

Pick sweatpants. Kick dresses.
Ice cream or slushies?