GAME: Shuffle Music Story Prompt

Being stuck in the house is getting very boring… So…

  1. Shuffle your favorite playlist
  2. Write a short story description based on the first song that plays

Let’s see what y’all come up with
Good luck :musical_note:


well, from what I understand you want me to write a story description. so i’ll make it in a story format and then reveal at the end💛 each hidden detail is a person’s persepctive.

don't play with me😩

I’ve been waiting for DAYS and she hasn’t called. Like, WHAT? It seemed like she actually, you know, liked me! I ain’t got no time for that, who does? W-bing
SHE POSTED! Lemme see!
She’s going to a party? OOH, maybe I can surprise her and bring her flowers! She always loved my gifts!

don't lie like that💋

Jesus, this girl keeps playin’. I ain’t got no time for that! I mean, she doesn’t even like girls! Yet she keeps calling like it’s nothing new. I swear, I’m done! I don’t need her, I’m gonna stay sing-bing
Ah, shit.

song: playinwitme ~ kyle, kehlani

you should listen, it’s pretty good!