GAME: Summoners, Senders, Seers: Sign Up


Welcome to Venzo, a magical city based on Venice, Italy.

Some call Vittorio Bianchi a con artist or a rogue. He calls himself a Summoner. He and his motley crew of orphans and runaways practically rule the city and protect it from threats.

The Magic:
Summoners use their magic to summon demons or other magical creatures and harness their power. However, this sometimes gets a little messy.

Seers can see the future and tell prophecies.

Senders can manipulate the natural world and heal. They send their energy into nature to do this.

No playing God.

No sex scenes. Kissing is fine, but nothing else.

No major plot changes without PM ing me and getting my approval.

Characters I need.
One Summoner(female)
Two Senders(female, male)
Four Seers(two male, one female, one nonbinary)
One doge(a governor who ruled in the republic of Venice during the renaissance)
One dogaressa(his wife)
Three spoiled rich kids(any gender)
One villain(any gender)

Sign up like this:

Character Name
Power or N/A

Btw, Italian names would be an awesome bonus!


Hey, despite it saying GAME, I assume this is a roleplay?! If so, there are certain rules we follow in this forum. Normally, we share our idea here first, to see who actually wants to join so you can tag them. Also, most people use Google Docs for sign-ups and Faceclaims, it makes it a lot easier for you and others to follow. I suggest that you have a look at some other current sign-up threads to see how others have done it.

If you want to RP here, then all you need to know is here!
Please read it, so that everyone follows the same guide.



What is the plot and what should we do in the RP?


Reserve for a villain, summoner and one of the spoiled rich kids?