GAME: The Hypothetical situation game


I’d be a bit shook that everything is floating but be happy that I’ll kind of be an astronaut, but scared too because no oxygen tank with me so I could die…

How would you react if you were giving birth while your on the toilet?


I would probably be very confused and scared because that’s physically impossible, then I’d probably put it up for adoption if it survived.

What would you do if you turned into a hamster and only had three years to live afterward?


I’d scream and wish to die from old age not because of this thing which is making me die in three years later!!! I’d try everything to transform back to normal.

How would you react if you found out that someone has backstabbed you?!


Like every other way. Drop the person.

What would you do if you became a superhero?


I would fly around moaning about my life whilst saving the lives if others then I would go out with my dream person only to turn them down because of my hectic lifestyle

What would you do if I tried to eat all the cake at your birthday?


I’d end up gaging after…

How would you react if you found out that you could do contortion and you had no spine?


I would use it to absolutely freak people out. I could look like a demon from a horror movie. Lmao.

What would you do if you had a sleepover with your idol?


I don’t have an idol… But if I did I’d be screaming with joy, I probably wouldn’t even fall asleep! I’d be bursting!

What would you do if someone who was giving birth to a baby and it’s just you and the pregnant lady?