GAME: The Hypothetical situation game


Donate to charity.

WWYD if a person who bullied you when you were kids came to you for help.


I’d look at them for a moment. Then shrugged offering them help.

WWYD if you realized all your friends weren’t really your friends?


I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised. A lot of people just use me for whatever benefit without intent of actually being friends.

WWYD if you were sucked into your favourite Episode story as the MC and have to go through everything they did?


Do the good choices lol

WWYD if you were part of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?


Make really dumb faces and troll everyone

WWYD if you swam in some weird water and it gave you super powers?


Take advantage of the superpowers.

WWYD if you won the lotto for a prize of $100,000,000 ?


I’d think it was a prank at first. Then I’d be so happy, and travel a lot then I’d buy my high school just to do something stupid.

WWYD if you found out you had a week to live?


Be kind to everyone, pray and do things I’ve always wanted to do
WWYD If you met a friend irl that your originally met on episode forums?


I’d probably get really excited and potentially cry depending on who it is. I probably wouldn’t leave them for a while lmao.

WWYD if you were kidnapped by your favourite musician?


Absolutely rejoice cos I love Beebo more than words can express but I’d also be a little freaked out cos he’s pretty insane sometimes and Lord knows why he’d kidnap me but it can’t exactly be too good.

WWYD if you woke up one day in the life of your favourite celebrity?


I would scream, so loud i could, and close my eyes to the day ended

WWYD if your city got infected by Yellow zombies, and you were the only one left to save them all


Honestly I would just find all the bags of Doritos and bounce.

WWYD if your favorite snacks were discontinued?


I would scream and beg for the company to allow it, if that didn’t work I’d slap them across their ugly faces.

WWYD if your best friend knew you had a crush on a boy and she asks him out on a date in front of you?


Then she’s no longer my friend or maybe she wasn’t my friend in the first place.

WWYD if you lost the control of your legs?


I would use a wheelchair.
WWYD if everyone on Earth disappeared and you were the only one left?


Eat eat and eat till I die too.
What would you do if you were put in jail for something you didn’t do?


Become Baron Zemo and hire myself a Bucky Barnes and say the magic words –

“Longing. Rusted. Seventeen. Daybreak. Furnace. Nine. Benign. Homecoming. One. Freight Car.”

What would you do to make your thread the famous-est on the forums?


I’d mention it at the end of my episode story!

What’d you do if you were recruited into the FBi?


Hmm, try out all their guns and ammunitions and then steal them and then quit FBI and sell 'em big bad guns in the black market and become 'em big bad rich man :sunglasses:

i am so confused…

What would you do if you joined Avengers?


Sit around and flirt with Loki…

What would you do if you became president of the us