GAME: The Hypothetical situation game


Probably have a heart attack from the stress. And be immidiately replaced because I’m under the required age.

What would you do if you learned your parents are actually international spies?


Force them to let me join them on missions. And use their high tech stuff.

What would you do if a dinosaur fell thru your roof?


What would you if someone told you you couldn’t eat anymore?


images%20(3) lol
So…would you rather be a little late or way too early at school?


Way too early (I always am sooo…)
What would you do if you could be invisible for one day?


I would follow people around and probably scare people (oops)
What would you do if you could fly for a day?


I’d fly to exotic places like Gstaad and Biarritz lol.

WWYD if you woke up in a bed next to Harry Potter?