GAME , The Yes or No

If you’ve ever watched peppa pig , You would know to play, the person before you asks a question you reply however , Don’t say Yes or No, or you lose


Person One, Do you love your mum
Person 2,Yes (Eh yah lose)
Do you like milk ??
Person3 ,Of course its nice ( you win)
Very simple game , I am bored and its the only thing in my mind, my little sister watches peppa pig and forces me to watch with her, anyways I’m gonna start

Do you understand how to play ?


Yes I think

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I guess I do

Would you kill your family?


Depends who tbh
Would you die for someone?

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I don’t think I would

Would you go a week without any technology?

If I love them

Would you kiss your mom at school ?

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Yea, on the cheek
Would u kiss ur dad at school?


Would you walk right out of class to use the bathroom, even if the teacher said NO

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It depends, but I’ve left the classroom without permission.
If u could, would u relive the happiest moment of ur life

I can’t recall the happiest moment of my life ,at present

Would you ,if you had the opportunity, go back and fix all your mistakes??

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Nope, mistakes have made me who I am
Would u eat chocolate all the time and not gain weight?

Eating chocolate is unhealthyand gaining no weight is unhealthy too, I mean yes we want to be fit,but no weight, even the slightest breeze would fly you

If you received 100$ Billion , would you donate half to the less fortunate, (Pray For Them )

Maybe not all to the less fortunate. I eould give half away or a good chuck away but not to just the less fortunate.

Do u have siblings?

I do

Are you thankful for your blessings

Yea, i think
Would u go take singing lessons bye ur favorite singer

Ah, Of course, that doesn’t happen everyday yah know

Would you eat fruits everyday and no veggies ??

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Uh maybe.
Would want to never sleep again? But it would effect u in any way.

I need sleep

Would you help an old lady pay for her groceries if she was short on cash ??

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It depends
Would you risk ur life for a stanger

It all depends, old lady, young boy

Would you drop your phone off a skyscraper for 500 bucks ?

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