GAME , The Yes or No

Yes, i think
Would u choose a dog over a cat?

None to be honest
Do you like episode featured stories?

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Not really.

Do you like ice cream?

I love it
Do you sleep often?

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All the time!

Do you eat often?? <3

I can’t stop
Are you fluent in English?

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I am.
Do you like dogs?

R u bilingual?

Of course I love dogs,

Would you go into an old,abandoned cabinin the middle of the woods, if a bear was chasing you ? (Crazy right)

I am

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I would climb a tree
Would you cut off your leg if it mean Donald Trump would become more fair and kind?

Haha, Idk , Maybe, Im not from the USA so, probably, oh what the heck

If you had to donate your heart to your mum or else( u know what would happen)
Would you do it ?? (You have one heart but only ONE MOMMA)

I would
Would you smack the person who hurt your child?

I don’t have any kids, but smacking them would be taken in consideration

Would you go a year without technology just to ensure the safety of your life ?

I totally would
Do you wish you lived another life?

Ewwww…why would I?
Do you think that it’s crazy game?

Maybe…I don’t know
Do like chocolate?

I can’t live without chocolate!

Do you like blue cheese?

Never even heard of this😋
Is it raining ?

Is it night?