GAME , The Yes or No



Yes, Where I am ,its night over yonder cross the mountains mornings, dawns, noons etc be going on

Are you bored ?


Are you tired?


Why wouldn’t I? The train journey was intensed :expressionless:
Do you love cakes?


It depends on the cake.
Do you not like chocolate as much as I dont like it?


I love chocolate as much as confusing the question is :yum:
Are you bored?


I am half bored half bored. So a one whole bored…
Are you as stressed as me?


I unlike you am living stress free. It’s the last week of school however I am in a really carefree mood and not caring about my exam results, it feels really good not being stressed.

Are you as weirdly happy as me?


I am half happy and half stressed sad.
Are you bursting with happiness?


Idk(Maybe my life would be worse)

Would you eat leaves forever?


Not a chance.

Has it rained within the past week?


Have u taken a shower this past 2 days?


I…think so​:thinking::sleeping:
Are you sleepy? :sleeping:


Have you skipped school


Some Lecture ? always…whole school… never ever :joy:
Did you watch any so much clinche movie till the end ?


Do you mean cliche? if so, I have. It was so cringy and the plot was the same on most of the movies on our country.

Do you prefer strawberry icecream than chocolate icecream?


As long as its still a ice-cream and cold…maybe
Do you love to watch cricket?


ew no
would you drink milk out of my shoe?


As long as its a new shoe, but no.
Why would you want us to drink milk out of your shoe?


becausei wanted to prove @wintermoon05 wrong
if you could go back in time would you have joined forums earlier?


It depends on which time I go on, I could go on from where I was still a baby or so.
Do you have homework?