GAME: Think of A Scenery

Uh, is it a salad bar?

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Yes! Your turn

If anyone wants to take my turn they can! My mind is too blank to think of anything :sweat_smile:


I’m thinking of a place, this is where every man/woman goes to get their hair done. What place I’m I?

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Hair salon or a barber shop?

I can say both. Yes.

taking your turn hope you don’t mind!

I’m thinking of this place where people take their pets/animals to if they are sick or injured. What place am I?

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The vet.

correct, your turn

This place can be sad but feel peace to some, some may pray if religious. What place am I?

A church?

Not exactly the place, but it involves it if religious

A funeral home?

Yes. Your turn

Okay, the place I am thinking of is where people go and sit in a chair. A staff member will ask them to open their mouth as they inspect their teeth.

I was really trying to make this one hard but the end is a giveaway!

The dentist

yes, your turn

Depending on your country, this place is dull and cold, can have steel bar doors or actual doors, you also get one call so you better make it count :nerd_face:.

a prison/jail center?

Correct lol