Game Time: Two Truth and A Lie

Hello everyone. This game is open to whoever that want to play. Please know, this is a respectful, fun community game for everyone to get to know one another, have fun and respect each other as well.

If those who are familiar with the game, then you know how it goes but if those who doesn’t. I’ll explain how it goes. So you will have to have 3 example. 2 things that say the truth and 1 thing that is a lie. You can NOT let anyone know which one is a lie until they response and if they get it wrong, you tell them which one is a lie from your part and then they start their own and you also let them know in the comment and tell them which one is a lie and the lists goes on. These are easy to modify to make them true (or not true) for yourself.

Topics of the game can be about anything such as “about you, life, sports, dislike, likes, favorite, etc” you get the whole point. So please enjoy yourself and respect each other.

Negative, disrespectful, unnecessary comments will be flag!

I’ll go first -

  • I speak English.

  • I can’t swim.

  • My nickname is Candy.

Your lie is that you can’t swim.

My turn:

  • I’m writing a standard size written book.
  • I’m like playing the piano.
  • I speak Spanish.

Shouldn’t we wait for the person to say if you’re right or wrong ?

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Damn, that was too easy but you’re correct. The lie is “you’re writing a standard size written book”.

  • I love the color red.

  • I wrote a role play script before.

  • I prefer pancakes than waffle.

And sorry. I took long @IDONTKNOWREAL & @Mary-P


But what if we are 15 people to play in a row and someone guessed wrong ?

:thinking::thinking: #confused

You don’t like red ?

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I dislike red. So the lie is me loving the color red which I don’t. Make sense?

And that’s a good question. I want to make sure it don’t confuse anyone. So it depends on the person being active on rather they will reply early or late to their own 2 truth and 1 lie and when the person guessed it wrong while the person is not active to correct them. The game can still go on. I hope I explain that better.

No, the lie was that I speak Spanish :joy:

Oh wow. I guess I could’ve guessed that but I got it wrong, lol.

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See ?

I really think we should guess the lie first, wait for the answer then continue.

I don’t want to wait for a decade to know if I guessed right :sob::sob:

  • My first kiss was in kindergarten.
  • I went to a Shakira’s concert.
  • I hate lemons.

2 truth 1 lie.

That’s true and I agreed with you but there’s no other way I can say.

That’s a bit hard, I guess .

I will have to say your “first kiss was in kindergarten”. I don’t know anyone who likes lemons because I DON’T.

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I never had the chance to go to a Shakira’s concert. :pensive:

I guessed right :smirk:
Detective, we meet again.


In the best game that we can play together.

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So do I do two truths and a lie now?

I think it’s Cannie’s turn.

But I’m more lost than Kara Zor-El on her first day on Earth


I’m so confused right now-


My point, exactly.

This is one mystery the Detective can’t solve :thinking:

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