[GAME] What song describes your mood right now?


Hey, guys! :smiley: How do you feel right now?
Use a song to describe your mood/day/feelings right now! :notes:

I’ll start :smiley:

And to be yourself is all that you can do
To be yourself is all that you can do


I feel relaxed and hyper is that strange?


Kinda sad about life but sometimes u just gotta go thru with it. Recommend listening to this song tho :slight_smile:



Thank you all for your songs! I’m feeling good right now :smile:


I’m lost, but feel like I need to go somewhere to someone for help with the thing i’m going through.


Just stressed out because of school :persevere:



Good morning! :smiley: :coffee:

Oh that’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like Sunday morning, yeah


Bla Bla Bla…