GAME : What would they do?

I remember this being a game on the old forums, and I don’t remember who made it so if anyone does, let me know. :upside_down_face:

This is a game for role players! It’s really easy, basically you name a scenario and the next person replies what one of their role play characters would do in that situation. Then they list another scenario and it goes on and on.

Example :
Person A - Your character sees 100 dollars lying on the ground. What would they do?
Person B - [Name] from [Roleplay] would snatch it up and run away before anyone could see her.
Your character has to choose between dying instantly or killing someone else to take their years.

And then it goes on! The character you use can be from any roleplay- dead or alive.

Have fun!

First Scenario : Your character sees a famous person they really admire steal from a blind person. What do they do?

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