~Game~ What would you do for $100?

Just a little game (:


Person A:

Would you sell your smartphone for $100?

Person B:


Would you post a selfie on Instagram for $100?

Person C:


Would you…


Would you eat frog legs (a french delicacy) for $100?


Ew no way!

Would you kill me for $100? :joy:

No :wink:

Would you eat escargots for $100?

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Would you lose all your memories for $100?

No. I wouldn’t even remember why I wanted the money in the first place!
Would you kiss a frog on the lips 30 seconds for $100?

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Are you crazy? No way!

Would you eat shark for $100?


Would you spend 3 years in jail for $100?

Hahah no way! 12 hrs would have been a yes though.

Would you eat a 25cm pizza with 500grams of pineapple on it for $100?

Ew hate pineapple but you can always take the pineapple off so yes?

Would you date your enemy for $100? :joy:

Sorry to keep moving y’all around so much but Forum Games just got their own sub-category! Enjoy the new home and play nice :innocent:


For how long?
If it was a short time then yes.

Would you purposefully fail a class for $100?


Would you kill a random person selected by another random person for $100?


Would you not go on the forums for 24 hours for $100?

Yes! I would probably hate it, but $100?

Would you jump into a freezing cold lake while it’s snowing for $100?

Ooh yes, I’ve always wanted to do that. Like the Polar Bear Swim!

Would you dye your hair your least favourite colour for $100?


Would you kiss your crush for $100?
(My friends actually offered me that…)

(did you actually do it??)

Would you not eat for a day for $100?

Yes… if I got to eat a big meal at about 11:30 PM the day before.
(No, I couldn’t work up the nerve. :sweat:)

Would you go without the forums for a week for $100?

Yeah. I’ll just make do.
Would you go skydiving for $100?

Yes, skydiving is one of the things on my life bucket list!
Would you go bungee jumping for $100?