~Game~ What would you do for $100?



Would you go skydiving for $100?


Meh something new, so yes.

Eat tomatoes and ketchup and then drink tears for $100?


Nope, I hate tomatoes.

Would you squeeze every last drop of water out of a water-filled sponge for $100?


Would you hack your best friends social media accounts for $100?



Would you befriend Kim Kardashian for 100$?


Hm She’s kinda a brat. No

Would you steal a stash of money from Mr. Krabs, and not go to jail for $100?


Hell yeah, that’s even more money dude I see no downsides

Would you look your crush in the eyes and ask them “why does the woodpecker attack the squirrel?” Before sprinting into the moonlight for 100$?
(Tagging @kerubiel because she’ll like this maybe??)


hell yes dude being mysterious and getting payed for it??? who tf wouldnt dude oml

reenact an entire episode of spongebob with no one else knowing the context for 100$?


yes awesome

Play as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and kiss someone that you don’t know for $100?



Would you live as a celibate for the next week for $100?


I don’t know…

Will you go out on a date with a stranger? But it’s actually a famous person for $100?



Would you read a 1000 page book for $100?


Yes because I need to educate myself.

Would you eat 10 fridges of food without stopping for $100?


I don’t think so :smile:

Would you eat 50 chocolate bars without stopping for $100?


Noooo I can’t… my diet cries.

Would you not eat sugar or anything with sugar for 2 years for $100?


Nope. Its actually impossible to do that.

Would you change your username for 100$?


Would you sleep in woods for the whole week for 500$?


Would you shave your hair for $100?


Would you walk 5 miles for a week of your favourite food?


Would you lick your bathroom floor to get asked out by your crush?