~Game~ What would you do for $100?


Depends on what the leftovers are of…

Would you complete my dare for me for $100? :joy:

AS is my favourite niece (22)


No, I want to torture you some more :joy:

Would you kill a crow for $100?



Would you kill me for $100? :joy:

AS is my favourite niiiiiieeeeecccee (25)


Nah, you are mah fave aunt, so…:joy:

Would you put your head upside down for an hour for $100?



Would you throw all your favourite clothes away for $100?

AS is my favourite niece (TWENTY NINEFEZVV)



Would you give me Oreos for 100$?



Would you go to my school tomorrow instead of me for $100? :joy:


No I’ve got fun things tomorrow in classes.

Would you buy the most hideous outfit for $100?


Yeah because I wouldn’t wear it

Would you throw your phone into a volcano for 100


I got this phone today, no. :joy:

Would you never call anyone for a year for $100?


Honestly I’d do it for free. I really don’t like phone calls.

Would you eat a small amount of something poisonous for 100$?


Noooo :scream_cat: I’m not taking that risk! It could be the end…

Would you go door to door and greet the people in your whole neighborhood for 100 bucks?


Yes, I know some of them don’t answer so there wouldn’t be many lol :joy:

Would you eat a rabbit’s foot for $100?


No way :scream:

Would you eat a spider dipped in ketchup for 100 bucks?


Heck no. :confounded:

Would you prank the principal of your school for $100?


Eh, no.

Would you give me suggestions for what to put in my next reply for 100$?


Yes, it’s basically free money :joy::smirk:

Would you steal from a homeless person for $100?


If I’m allowed to give part of the 100$ to the homeless person, lol. But to be honest, in general, no.

Would you eat burnt insects for a month for 100$?



Would you not sleep for a week for $100?


Yes definitely

Would you try and survive in a canyon with no supplies for two weeks for 100$?