~Game~ What would you do for $100?



Would you eat a 7 layer cake, for 100 dollars?


If it’s chocolate cake, yes.

Would you give my exams in place of me for $100? :eyes:



Would you cheat on exams for 100 dollars?



Would you steal my phone for $100?



Would you eat a piece of trash for 100 dollars?



Would you shave your entire head completely chrome dome bald for $100?



Would you help me study for $100?


Nope :joy:

Would you buy me a house for $100? :thinking:


That’s a big no.

Would you get me iphone x for $100?


Lol no

Would you sing the song I’m a Barbie Girl in front of your whole school for $100?


Yup. I’ll be fun.

Would you slap your brother hard on the cheek in front of your parents for $100


Maybe… If I had an actual reason.

Would you not do your homework for 3 days for $100?


No…I have a reputation to keep up.
Would you eat a cricket for $100?


Would you go to school and scream I READ FANFICTION and go into full detail on how much you love it for $100?


Nope. That would be super embarrassing :lying_face:

Would you sleep in air conditioned room without blanket in winter for $100?


Nope to cold for meh

Would you eat a whole potato raw for $100/



Would you bully someone for $100?


would you sleep next to a lion for $100?


As long as it doesn’t attack me I would :joy:
Would you lick the road for $100?


yes i will go wash my tongue later

Would you push your enemy down a hill for $100