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this game will be played similarly to the past games I’ve hosted.


7 boys and 8 girls wake up in a certain building, no memory of what happened. It seems like they’ve all been drugged to lose their memories. All doors locked, no windows whatsoever in this huge building. The only thing they remember is their name and that’s about it. A TV in front of them suddenly opens with three suspicious looking people, all of them wearing a mask and a black hoodie making it almost impossible to know who they are. Their voices were edited into weird ones. A chipmunk voice started speaking first, “You’ve all woke up in this building, huh? Trust me, no one can find you here. There are barely any windows to escape to and all the doors are sealed shut, most of them being made out of hard metal.”.

Another voice started speaking, “If you’re wondering why you’re all here, one of you have something WE want. Some of you stole a family heirloom from us. We weren’t exactly sure who they were so we got all of you here as all of you have motives to steal from us.” The other person started speaking too, “You know why all of you don’t know what happened nor who you were? Well, it makes the job easier for us so that the culprits won’t try to escape. After all, why would you escape if you don’t even know if you were the one who stole it?”.

They then explained that not everyone there has forgotten everything, three of them are actually those people in the TV with full memory of everything. They’ll kill someone at night, but not always. Everyone had their own bedroom with enough food and drinks. At the same time, without the three people knowing, there are actually notes scattered around the house which can help them figure out what exactly happened and who those three people are. These notes came from the hostages themselves before they were drugged. Everyone has a note, varying in the number. Some had bad handwriting, some with very clear handwriting. Some which are useful and some which aren’t.


  • It is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU if you want to reveal your role to everyone or not, you may also lie about it too.
  • You SHOULD be active, active checks will be held regularly to make sure that the players are active. I will do this by putting random posts and you should like it or reply. If you don’t do this for 3 times in a row, you will be kicked out of the game. If ever you’ve been kicked out of a game FIVE times, you will be banned for a certain time.
  • Don’t be that sore loser who blames all their teammates for being “so dumb”, just don’t.
  • You MUST cooperate with the rules of the game at all times. It is highly suggested that you read the rest of the thread to know how this game works.
  • Have fun! This game has no prizes and is just for fun.


  • The game will be held in a private chatroom here in the Episode Forums.
  • There will be two teams with different roles, the INNOCENT and the THREE. The roles will be explained in this thread and how the certain team wins.
  • There will be two phases of the game; DAY and NIGHT. In the day, everyone will pick to kill someone to try to get rid of the three, before this though they can discuss on things they found out. In the night, the three either kill someone they suspect stole or discard it.
  • You can get the notes by searching. You can only have a maximum of 3 searches. To search, just say in the group chat, “COMMENCE SEARCH! @Episode.Kay”. And then you will be given some situations and you have to pick certain choices to collect notes.


If you are in this team, you can win by eliminating the three. (brainwashed not included)

  • The Innocent - this person is really innocent and had nothing to do with the stealing
  • The Medic - this person is innocent but knows how to heal stab wounds and gunshots, he can heal someone in the night or discard it
  • The Smartypants - this person is very smart, he can analyze well meaning every night, he can investigate someone (50-50 chance of working) or discard it
  • The Robbers - this role will NOT be told to anyone whatsoever as they have to find out themselves if they are a robber, they can be any role from team innocent

If you are in this team, you can win by eliminating the people (3-5) who stole from you. Everybody here has the ability to kill, they have to agree on one person to kill. Every night, they can pick someone to kill or discard it.

  • The Ninja - this person cannot be discovered by the smartypants whatsoever, they can only be discovered by specific notes that were left
  • The Mind Controller - this person can brainwash only ONE person to be in their side, they only have one chance of doing this (60% chance of working)
  • The Magician - this person can role-block someone in the night, they only have 3 chances to role-block with it being a 50-50 chance of working, if there is more than one magician, they have to agree on who to role-block
  • The Brainwashed - this person is the person who the mind controller brain washed, they will be apart of the team and they can help decide who to kill

Any questions will be entertained! :blob_hearts:

Game #1





1. Which character do you wanna play as?
please don’t ask for any name changes as all of these names have a meaning behind it

Dioretsa <TAKEN>
Aerin <TAKEN>
Melody <TAKEN>
Nevaeh <TAKEN>
Dove <TAKEN>
Cora <TAKEN>
Bluebell <TAKEN>
North <TAKEN>
Agustine <TAKEN>
Nevar <TAKEN>
Damon <TAKEN>
Alec <TAKEN>
Caspar <TAKEN>
Everett <TAKEN>
Hendrix <TAKEN>

2. Will you be active?


3. Tag along some people who might be interested! (at least one would do)


Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged!


Innocent - 5
Medic - 3
Smartypants - 2

Ninja - 1
Mind Controller - 1
Magician - 3

PLAYERS: (15/15)
@Duckling - Melody
@Skyler2 - Damon
@coco.queen - North
@SilverRose - Cora
@wanderingechoes - Dioretsa
@meekepeek - Aerin
@kateharper - Bluebell
@Mondalsushanta637 - Caspar
@BlueInferno - Agustine
@Cami_epy - Dove
@jessica.epi - Nevaeh
@ItzKastinR - Alec
@GoldenWaves - Everett
@passionfruit - Nevar
@Zeah - Hendrix


Melody, if that’s okay for you :eyes::sparkles::blush::green_heart:

Most likely, unless something happens to my phone or my internet connection stops working… :sweat_smile::eyes::sparkles:

I think you tagged everyone I know who could be interested :no_mouth::sweat_smile::eyes::sparkles:

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  What's your name?

I would like to be Damon please.

  Will you be active?

Mainly yes. Unless I get grounded or something. But I might not be super active on the 24 And 25 of December. But I doubt we’ll have started by then.

   Tag some people (at least one will do)

@Limora @jessica.epi @Daunt
Sorry guys if you didn’t want to be tagged…

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  1. Cora
  2. Yes
  3. @BlueInferno

@Forever1201 @Mondalsushanta637 @meekepeek @Zeah ? :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile::green_heart:


Jeez I get tagged by 3 different people :rofl:


But I’ll sign up.
1 question tho:
Why is the team called THE THREE when it has 4 roles :joy: :thinking:

  1. AERIN
  2. YES
  3. @BlueInferno @LeviTheLunatic @Mondalsushanta637
  1. I would like to be Bluebell thx
  2. Yes (until Jan 6)
  3. @BrookeMarie

Will there be some kind of special items we can get like traps for example?
And what do you mean by discard it? :sweat_smile::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:



  1. Agustine
  2. Yes
  3. @Summer41
  1. Dove
  2. Yes
  3. Ahh you already tagged everyone.
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I would like to be Aerin, if that’s okay! Wait, nvm someone already wants to be her, I’ll be Neveah if that isn’t taken… :smiley:

Of course!

Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged, or if you were already tagged!


@TheParisLover @UnicornPlayz.Episode @SkyM @fraud @PHCENIX @Dying_Dreams


Which Character do you want to play as?
Will you be active?
Sometimes I will not be active


Well, the magician, ninja, and mind controller are the main three roles, the brainwashed is just an added role or like an assistant.

It depends, but there will be “chance cards” given time to time that can benefit either the innocent team or the three.

By discard, it means not using it. Like in Night 1, the three killed someone but in night 2, they discarded it and did NOT kill anyone. This can be useful for getting out of suspicion and stuff.

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Bluebell has already been taken, sorry! :sweat_smile:

??? What is happening here?


I know you weren’t talking to me, but I’ll answer anyway.
This is a game and a part of the signups form was to tag someone who might be interested, read the first post for more info :green_heart::eyes::sparkles: