[Game] Why? 🤔 The New Game!

So this is a game! It’s call Why???
You ask Why something and the next person answer.


Why does this happen?

Answer: next person

Because you didn’t care enough

So a bad example… lol :joy:


First person:
Why is the sky blue?

Next person:
Because of pigments

I’ll start by asking:

Why does the rain happen?

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Because the clouds are sad

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Now you ask Why something for the next person.


Why are cats so sneaky?

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Cuz dogs ain’t sneaky
Why does everything always fall apart whenever something is good?

Because people are scared.

Why are people scared?

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Because there was a hostage situation.

Why was there a hostage situation?

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Because the bad guy she game.

Why did the cat cross the road?

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Because it wanted to
Why is the sun yellow?

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Because it’s obviously made of butter.
Why does butter have fat?

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Because the cows couldn’t help it.

Why do people have to be confusing?

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because they themselves don’t know what they want why do ppl act oblivious

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Because they are scared of what’s to come

Why does things have to hurt?

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Because some people are heartless.

Why do girls like bad boys?

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Because bad boys are more fun.

Why is the sun so bright?

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Because it’s a huge fireball

Why do I watch YouTube?

Because you love it.

Why do I cry?

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Because… hormones

Why is my battery at 35%

Because it’s fattening

Why am I sad?

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Because they are cancerous

Why does people think people are over when they clearly aren’t?

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