[Game] Why? 🤔 The New Game!


So this is a game! It’s call Why???
You ask Why something and the next person answer.


Why does this happen?

Answer: next person

Because you didn’t care enough

So a bad example… lol :joy:


First person:
Why is the sky blue?

Next person:
Because of pigments

I’ll start by asking:

Why does the rain happen?

Hey! New to forums!
Truth or Dare part 2

Because the clouds are sad


Now you ask Why something for the next person.


Why are cats so sneaky?


Cuz dogs ain’t sneaky
Why does everything always fall apart whenever something is good?


Because people are scared.

Why are people scared?


Because there was a hostage situation.

Why was there a hostage situation?


Because the bad guy she game.

Why did the cat cross the road?


Because it wanted to
Why is the sun yellow?


Because it’s obviously made of butter.
Why does butter have fat?


Because the cows couldn’t help it.

Why do people have to be confusing?


because they themselves don’t know what they want why do ppl act oblivious


Because they are scared of what’s to come

Why does things have to hurt?


Because some people are heartless.

Why do girls like bad boys?


Because bad boys are more fun.

Why is the sun so bright?


Because it’s a huge fireball

Why do I watch YouTube?


Because you love it.

Why do I cry?


Because… hormones

Why is my battery at 35%


Because you are on it constantly!

Why does food make you gain weight?!


Because it’s fattening

Why am I sad?