[Game] Why? 🤔 The New Game!


Because they get a re high off the ground or the he watched Final Destation!

Why are thigs complicated?


Because that’s the way the cookie crumbles

Why does bread taste good but makes you gain so much weight?




Because it’s made that way.

Why does criminal minds have to be so good?


Because of the Good actors

Why do people do bad things?


because we are all devils inside
why do we need to eat?


Because if you don’t eat you will starve yourself and die

Why am I up so early?


uhh maybe youre going to school its like 6:21am for me
why cant there be three days in the weekend and not two?


Actually 12:24 am so I still have five hours Because adults hate kids!

Why is it that some people have school all year round?


Because school it weird

Why does feelings suck??

telly… pm me


Because that a part of having feelings?

Why did you make this game?


Because Chay is awesome!
Why is the the forums addictive?!


Because they are fun!

Why didn’t Telly miss me? @Tellyg47


I do!
Why did you assume I don’t?


I don’t know. I don’t feel like anyone ever misses me.

Why am I so awkward?


It’s just who you are and you can’t change that, but I don’t think your awkward.

Why do I feel like I missed some much stuff?


Because you are in school now and need to focus on that. And you haven’t been on much.

Why are you so amazing?


Because you taught me!

Why and how did you change your name?


Because ChayChay is what my best friend Mary called me. And by submitting a ticket. Just ask @Sydney_H she helped me.

Why do I miss JEss?


True love?

Why do I miss forums?