GAME: Why? Why not?



OK! Here’s how this goes. What you will do, is you ask a question WITH THE WORD(S) WHY OR WHY NOT IN THE BEGINNING ex:
SallyGirl134: Why wouldn’t you like pizza?
And respond with an answer:
BrainHynie: Because I like Subway. Why not eat the pepperoni?
SallyGirl4985u3896689637: Because I like olives and pepperoni together!
Alright, I’ll go.

Why are you reading this post?


Because I find it interesting…

Why you don’t want to go to the cinema??


Because I can’t drive, and it’s too expensive.

Why are you on the forums?


Because I’m bored.

Why not publish a story on episode?


Because it takes a while for me to publish.

Why not read a book instead? :joy:


Because I’m in college studying English and I’m tired of reading books.

Why aren’t there more people playing this game? :thinking:


Because this was only made 12 hours ago

Why are you on school?


Because my damn parents told me so and I want to do something great since they’re investing so much on me…

Why are you on Episode Forums?


Because I’m looking for any updates

Why do you love cats?


Because they are cute.
Why don’t I have any ideas for the next question?


Because…your creativity is blocked?

Why do you cry?


Because my feels are hurt :cry:.

Why do people criticize others??


Because others make mistakes & sometimes you need to get your anger out.

Why do people think cats are cynical & mean sometimes ?


Because they make mistakes… :grin:
Why do I love pizza?


It tastes delicious…and well better and faster to get anyways…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

Why do you want to write a story??


Because I had an inspiration.
Why did you install Episode?


Because I found it intriguing…
Why did want to score higher in your exams?


Because it means that you did well in school.
Why not cheat? :smirk:


Because my dad will probably take my phone and pc away…

Why not just kick something random when you are angry??


Because some people don’t have insurance.

Why do people hate Pineapple on Pizza?