Games in a story

As some know I’ve been practicing with tapable overlays to create games (I’m hoping to get my rotating puzzle game finished this week (hoping.)

But as I’m planning my story out properly I’ve thought of a couple more game that would work and wanted to see if you would play these things before I set to them (after I’ve finished the one I’m already working on.)
I will more than likely add a skip button incase someone is stuck or doesn’t want to do it and it wouldn’t effect the story… please feel free to vote for more than 1.
(Games explained under poll.)

  • Simon says
  • Rotation puzzle
  • Spot the difference
  • Game show
  • All
  • None

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Simon says;
If you have ever played simon say you will know it’s a game when you are given a pattern (normally with colours that light up and you have to copy it in the right order. I’ve got an idea for a fight scene when you have to copy a pattern of actions eg punch, punch, dodge, kick. Then you go onto a next level in the same fight whith an extra action in (3 levels perhaps.)
Hope that makes sense.

Rotate puzzle:
Basically a picture with squares jumbled up and you have to rotate them to put them in order and create the picture.

Spot the difference;
Basically 2 screens with the same background with small changes in one if them that you havr to find.

Game show:
A quiz in the form of a game show that you can win in order to gain something in the story (not something that will change the story but gain something such as a token present in the game.)

I’d love to hear if you hve any other suggestions or opinions on this.

Appoligies to anyone who voted it glitched out on my phone so it said 5 voters but didn’t show any votes… I’ve re-edited it

Will Simon Says have timed choices?

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Hey, I actually hadn’t thought about that, I think thats a great idea as it acts like reaction timing. How many seconds do you think would be needed?

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