Hey ya’ll, it’s Dasha here! Anyways, I decided to do a fun, easy game!
So, let’s all know how to play!
You are trapped in a room. You have four cards in front of you. They symbolize powers, if you pick one up (you can only pick one up), it’ll give you the power depending on the card’s symbol.
Fire card - gives you the ability to create fire/spread it anywhere you please. You can also stop fire.
Water card - gives you the ability to create water/spread it anywhere you please. You can stop it too.
Earth card - gives you the ability to do anything you want with the ground! If the earth is damaged, you can fix it easily.
Air card - gives you the ability to control the air itself. You can stop it, or make it faster than ever!

Alright, before you choose your card, let me explain the background a bit. You are trapped in a huge, unknown place. There are so many rooms, so many dangers. You can use your powers to help you. Here are some rules:
1. Once you choose a card, you can’t change it! You can only grab ONE card.
2. Whatever you do to pass an obstacle, it has to make sense, or else you’re disqualified. :no_mouth:
3. Once you sign up (more on that later), you must be committed to this. It’s really not fun if you sign up and then you ignore everything.

Those are all the rules! Time for the signups!
For this game to happen, 10 people have to sign up! If 10 people don’t sign up, this game won’t happen. If you want to play this, and not enough people sign up, I suggest that you share this game to someone. :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyways, comment below if you have questions and if you want to sign up!

  • Dasha


I’d be willing to sign up


Alright! 9 spots left!


I would sign up.


Yay! 8 spots left!


I’m will sign up🙂


I’ll sign up!


This sounds interesting, I may sign up


Ill sign up!


Sure, Sign me up :wink:


Thanks everyone! 3 spots left!


Sounds like a Story Game! Moved to the SG and RP section :v:t2:


I’d sign up!


I’d be willing to join! :smile:


i might sign up!


Yay! 0 spots left! :clap:


I will send you guys everything either later today or tomorrow. :slight_smile:


@Jeremy or @Ryan, you might as well close this post.


Yeah, plz close this thread. :joy:


Closing per OP request :v:t2: