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Port Carbon!
In the 1920s, Port Carbon is an idyllic seaside city with an enriched community and an ever-increasing population. Unfortunately, every place has a seedy side and Port Carbon has the worst.
The city has been split for years, by two rival gangs; ‘The Disciples’ and ‘Moira’! Each own half the city, but want to own the whole city. To do this, they need more money, and neither gang are big enough in bootlegging or the drug trade to earn enough to buy the city. They each come up with the same plan to kidnap the daughter of the richest man to ransom her for the money.

‘The Disciples’ - The newer of the gangs, it keeps up with the times, perhaps even ahead of the times. Allowing women to join and almost be equal with men.

‘Moira’ - It is a MUCH older gang. It’s been around for years, and for that reason, it is very old-fashioned. It is a male-only gang.

The city!

The time period:

The Roaring Twenties was a time for Jazz music, Art Deco, and economic prosperity, after the Great War (WW1). Automobiles, telephones, motion pictures, radio and even household electricity was seen more in the 1920s. Here started the life of the consumer. The media even started focusing on celebrities.
Also, nearly two-thirds of all people over the age of 14 were married, and very few people got divorced. Though 1920s woman may have been more independent and rebellious, men and women still mostly held the traditional role of decades past.
The only downside of the decade was the prohibition of alcohol, that’s where the gangs found their market.

Story Goal:

There are two different end goals:
1 - A race to the finish - one gang kidnaps the girl and tries to get ransom, then the other gang can try to get her back for themselves. Once one has the ransom money, they’re powerful and own the city, then it’s a bloodbath for the other side and police.
2 - There are police undercover in each gang (1-2) and no one knows who they are. This makes everyone less trusting, like the time period. The police are trying to make a bust and take down the gang syndicate without getting discovered and killed.
If there are 2 in each gang, then one could be a bad cop, and be susceptible to bribes and be working both sides of the law.

If you want to stick with the time period and use some 20s slang, check this out.

Sign-ups are still open for the next week or two. Though if you do sign up, don’t post until we send your character’s nickname choices.


Basic Rules
  • Follow the roleplaying Rules and formats (of this forum).
  • If you write an ORP then do so like this under your post, “ORP: I’m writing an out of character message right now.
  • However, general chat should be had on the sign-up thread. Do not post a non-character post, please, we want to keep this thread tidy.
  • For the introduction, only bosses and commands to post, just to establish the scene. :wink:

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In the Unknown RP ||Signups and Chat||
| The Asylum Sign-Up |

ORP: Okay, so we please ask that only bosses and commands post first, to set the scene and come up with their plans. Also, make sure everyone please reads the above information too!

Riccardo Moretti
Big Ric had his rotund arse on his office chaise lounge, with a flapper, Dorothy, perched next to him. He “worked”, a term used loosely, out of his gang’s Headquarters. Moira’s HQ was run out of a lavish two-story restaurant. Gambling was done secretly in a huge room next door if you paid enough to get an invite. The upstairs part of the restaurant could also be used if the regular gambling room was full on any particular night. His large, lush office was on the second floor, off the restaurant.
Right now, however, he was getting very intimate with Dorothy. KNOCK KNOCK. The door. Big Ric cursed and the door opened, with a measly 12-year-old popping his head in.

Jack Spatt
Jack popped his head around the door before he was called. His hand slipped on the handle and stumbled a few steps into the room. Picking himself up, he spoke haltingly, “S-Sir, Big Ric, they’re here. Smarts and Pockets are here.”

Riccardo Moretti
Big Ric glared at him and shouted, “Get them in here then and go chase yourself.” Jack quickly ran out and Big Ric continued with Dorothy forcefully. - Smarts
@themaystorms - Pockets

ORP: go chase yourself = get lost, scram.


Joseph Lansky

Joseph had received the call that he was needed by the big boss and he instantly rose up not because he was scared, but he didn’t want to be disobedient. He got ready by taking a quick shower and wearing one of his finest suits. As he fixed his hair, he got out of his house and got inside his car. Arriving at the two-story restaurant he spotted Pockets and greeted him, or at least what was close to a greet before entering the place.

“Daydream. Announce to Big Rick that we’re here.” He told the small boy that was there and when he walked away to do as told, they waited there before Jack came back and told them to enter. With a knock on the door, Joseph let himself in and was not pleased with the image in front of him. He didn’t know wether to interrupt or just uncomfortably watch until it was done, but surely he didn’t want to do the second choice so he cleared his throat, in order to get his attention.

ORP: If I did something wrong please correct me!

@CrazyCaliope @themaystorms


Sasha Ruiz:
It was moments like these he was proud of his reputation. As he let his lips travel along the soft skin of the flapper dancer, he heard a knock on the door and lifted his head over to look at it. With a sigh he gently pushed the tomato off his lap, as he ran a finger over his bottom lip to remove any noticeable lipstick markings. “But Mr. Undertaker sir, we ain’t even done-” he pulled out a coin and flipped it off his thumb and onto the floor for her to scramble and collect. “A-a quarter sir?” She whined as she held it up.
He turned to look at her before lifting up a cigarette and placing it in between his teeth. “Look toots, I mentioned paying you a pretty penny as long as you satisfied me.” He lit the cigarette and gave it a few puffs before blowing the smoke from his nose, the cloud dancing around the room and as he let the cigarette stay in between his fingers. “Evidently I’m not impressed.”
Her mouth widened and her cheeks flush in either anger or embarrassment. “You’re a cruel man mister.” She huffed and he watched her hips sway in a pleasing way as she exited the room. With a throaty chuckle he walked over to his desk and nodded at Richie who was watching the gal ankle off. “Ya gonna do that to every sheba who looks your way? They aint gonna come back to you you know.” He leaned against the desk and let out a small laugh through his nose as he raised the cigarette to his lips. “Nah. Only the upstage ones. It’s funny watching their face drop when you say they aren’t as good as they think they are isn’t it? Besides…they always come runnin’ back.” Richie sighed and nodded behind him. “The Surgeon and Nightingale here for your little rendezvousies. Says you asked for 'em.”
“That I did. Let them in.”
@ScarletSwanHunter @Hail_the_Stxrs - They are currently at one of the speakeasies they own :smirk::+1:


Nico Mendez

As he made his way to the speakeasy, called there by Sasha, his ears caught the familiar female voice coming from farther down the dark alley. His back tensed, Not again. He made a turn, going in the direction of the voices and murmurs.
A man and woman were tangled up in each other, the darkness of the street made them look as if they were one. The women had her back pressed against the wall, hair covering her face. If Nico hadn’t known her his own life, he would never have recognized who she was. As the male’s hands started to wander, Nico quickened his pace and grabbed the man by the shoulder, pulling him off and unlocking them from one another. “Bank’s closed.” He growled, and the man started to open his mouth to yell back but his face when pale as soon as he saw the shadows falling across Nico’s face.
When the man didn’t move Nico made a move to the gun in his jacket, “You heard me! Go chase yourself!”
The man scurried off with his tails between his legs and only then did Val catch up to what was happening, “Maybe later! I’ll see you!” She called after the man, trying to get her business back, but he was long gone and she snapped in the direction of her brother, “Why must you be such a bluenose all the time!” She hit him in the chest, pushing him away from her as he stepped to hold her.
“I was only trying to protect you–”
“Bushwa!” She proclaimed, stepping past him and stomped out of the alley, heels clicking on the stone. He chased after her, falling into pace with her. She walked past people, shoving past them as she tried to get away from him as soon as possible.
“That bimbo was even --”
“That bimbo was going to pay good money.” She roared back at him as the neared the speakeasy, just down a few blocks.
“Val, I told you, you no longer need to do this. We have—”
“Butt me.” she opened up her palm to him and he sighed, taking out a gasper and handing it to her. She put it between her red lips and light it as they walked into the club, “I can take care of myself. The only reason I had you bring me into your little–”
“We’ll discuss this later, alright?” He said, holding open the door to her as they walk in to the smell of booze and wood. Val waved him off going to go change.
“I have work to do anyway.” She ankled off to work as Sasha’s flapper in his own personal bar. Nico wasn’t completely on board with it, but it was safer for her here then it was out there. He could keep an eye on her here, out there, he was too afraid to even think up what could happen. His mind rejected the idea entirely. He took a drink from someone’s hand, and strolled into the back, to figure out what Sasha wanted.
“Something you wanted to speak to us about?” He crossed his arms over his chest.



Florence wasn’t surprised at the call from her boss. It was expected once in a while after all but she was slightly displeased as it was at a speakeasy. She knew they were a necessary business but alcohol, while she could handle it of course, was never her taste. Florence found herself drawn to lighter drinks and that getting bent wasn’t her style. Another thing she also knew she disliked? Nico. He may seem like a big timer but he could be quite… ruthless. Plus he was so damn observant it was creepy.

She arrived at the speakeasy finally and stepped inside, brushing past a drunken idiot who called her ‘doll’ and abruptly got a fist to the nose. “I’m here for the boss,” Florence smiled politely as she was allowed inside and she gave a prompt bow. “You called, boss?” She asked, placing her hands behind her back as she noticed Nico in the corner of her eye.



Sasha Ruiz:
As the two entered he nodded at Richie to close the door and leave them to their privacy. Florence had always been more uptight. It made her good for third-in-command. Nico on the other hand seemed to think the same way Sasha did, and he enjoyed that. “Normally I’d bring you here to loosen up, grab a beer and a playmate but unfortunately I’ve actually got real business to discuss.” He moved over to the chair behind the desk and sat down as he crossed his legs with his knees open. “Moira.” He tapped towards the end of the cigarette before placing it in his mouth again. “They’re in the way. Evidently diminishing them isn’t a simple one, two, three situation.” He looked in between the two as he let out a breath of smoke. “It all comes down to who’s got the most dough. You get yourself enough c’s, ya kick the competition outta the water. And how do you do that?” He smirked as he looked at the two. “You take it right from under a swell’s nose. And that swell,” He stood up and placed the cigarette in the stray before straightening his jacket. " Is Buchman."
@Hail_the_Stxrs @ScarletSwanHunter


Nico Mendez

Just as Sasha went to go sit down, Nico waltzed past Florence with a smirk as he read her and took to lounging on the couch, arms spread out on the back of the seats, “What are suggesting exactly?” He asked, pouring himself a cup of alcohol before sitting back again, the glass dangly in his hold, “We can’t threaten the Buchman. Unless you mean…” Once thing Nico was good at was reading his boss, that might have been a reason they got along, “Unless you mean what I think you mean. I hear that daughter of theirs…” He gave a smug grin as he swirled his drink.



Florence wrinkled her nose in distaste for a moment at the cigarette and alcohol stank filling the room before glancing at Nick. “His daughte-“ She paused for a moment before turning to Sasha. “You saying we’re going to kidnap the Buchman kid to hold it over him as leverage?” She asked as her small frown turned into a wicked smile. “Well, I hear she’s a real bearcat but that could just be chin music.”

“If we’re going after Buchman’s daughter, we better get it right first try because frankly put, I’d rather not make him an enemy with no leverage,” Florence remarked before laughing lightly. “Then again, what’s this dame going to do if a group of us catch her alone somewhere? Call for her dear old pops?”



Sasha Ruiz:
Unless you mean what I think you mean. I hear that daughter of theirs…"
Sasha smirked in response. “And we’ve got ourselves a winner.” He grabbed himself a drink before leaning against the wall, satisfied at Nightingale and Surgeon’s approval. “Well, I hear she’s a real bearcat but that could just be chin music.” Sasha chuckled lightly as he took a sip of the warm drink. “Nah, not chin music. The tomato is a stubborn one from what I’ve heard and observed myself. Makes things more interesting, no?”
“Then again, what’s this dame going to do if a group of us catch her alone somewhere? Call for her dear old pops?”
He let his smirk grow wider as he placed the glass down on the table. “Precisely. The kid seems to run from home a lot to busy herself in places she ain’t supposed to be in. Away from people who could give her protection. So while she’s fixing for a wonderful rebellious day that’s when people I’ve got posted keeping an eye on her snatch her up. The idea is loosely pieced together, so if you two got any, shoot me with 'em.”
@ScarletSwanHunter @Hail_the_Stxrs


Roy Bachelder

Roy Bachelder breathed out a cloud of smoke into the air. As he noticed an approaching Smarts, the fag slipped from his fingers and he stomped the flame out underfoot, before sending a nod over towards the man. He’d received information about Big Ric’s request to see the two, and he’d arrived at the restaurant early in anticipation of the meeting. He wasn’t well known for being a smoke-eater by the members of Moira, but he’d begun to fall into the habit as of recent, having taken it up on and off over the past year.

Following into the premises, he had glanced over between Smarts and the underling with furrowed brows. In some ways, he’d been considering the reason behind the Boss’ request for the both of them, but knowing that the two of them held high-ranking positions in Moira, he’d figured there was good reason behind it and that they weren’t just walking into a bull session for empty talk over glasses of brown.

A knock on the door from Smarts, and Roy had approached into the office, surveying the room to catch sight of Big Ric with a doll perched on his lap. The man beside Pockets had cleared his throat to catch the attention of the fella, but Roy had already entered in to handle the decanter. Seconds later, he had set the glass down onto the table before Big Ric, ascertaining their presence in order to bring the petting party to an end.

“You wanted to talk,” he dryly stated, raising a brow at the Boss’ female companion.

@CrazyCaliope (Riccardo Moretti) (Joseph Lansky)


Riccardo Moretti
Big Ric tore himself away from Dorothy at the sound of the glass clinking down onto the table. He stared daggers at the two of them. He was about to get in a lather, as his nostrils flared and his top lip curled upward. He growled, “Don’t be a wet blanket, Pockets! It’s not the best colour on you.”
He lifted Dorothy slightly and roughly, tossed her toward the door. She stumbled but landed on her feet. Big Ric continued to growl, “Beat it, Dee. These two killjoys don’t know what good fun is.” He waited for her to leave before turning to the men. “The Disciples have gone too far this time. I want them gone. I want to be the egg of this city.” He stood and clomped over to his large oak desk and sat down behind it. “To do so, we need heavy sugar, The Buchmans’ heavy sugar. We take their daughter off for a ride and then they’re mourning, which is easier for us to take their dough. Any arguments?”, he asked, staring them down, daring them to disagree with him. - Smarts
@themaystorms - Pockets

ORP: Go right ahead and disagree! :wink:


Nico Mendez

He sipped on the whiskey and eyed the two, with an amused smile as he listened to them plotting. He nodded slowly, listening to the way the two talked about the Buchman’s Jane. “She must not be very good at being discrete about her activities if you have found her so quickly,” Nico muttered against the rim on his glass, taking a drink, he listened to the plan nodding along to pretend as if he was listening when he was really thinking over this so-called plan, finding the flaws, “This involves getting her alone, and judging by what you have told me this Jane doesn’t like to be alone. So I propose something different.” He leaned forward, that joking manner of his faulting slightly, “You own a few speakeasies don’t you Undertaker? If this Bearcat is as wild as you two say, then wouldn’t she be more then willing to have a cup of bootleg in one of our speakeasies? She’ll be right were we want her, and there are many private rooms.” He shrugged, “But that’s just chatter.”



Roy Bachelder

His eyes followed the doll as she’d left and, once she was out of sight, Roy had motioned to Smarts for him to close the door in her trace. Turning back somewhat disdainfully towards Big Ric, largely as a result of having witnessed the woman barely landing on her two feet after she’d been flung to the direction of the door by the man, Pockets released a further sigh at the sound of the comment, and he had to bite his tongue back from slipping a retort as he locked his eyes on Big Ric.

“We take their daughter off for a ride and then they’re mourning…”

Steadying a shaking hand as he pushed the glass towards the man, “With all respect, cut yourself a piece of cake, Ric,” Roy spoke, a frown forming on his face, “We take their daughter on a ride, and we’ll have coppers at our heels faster than you can say merda.” He knew that Riccardo wasn’t in the best of moods to be challenged, but from what he could ascertain, Big Ric was proposing that Moira be involved in the murder of the daughter of one of the most wealthiest families here in Port Carbon. Knowing the amount of ambition that harboured itself in the old man, Roy knew that staying silent would mean the plan would be set into motion, and that meant that, as third-in-command of Moira, should the plan go into place, his name would be synonymous with the murder of a doll who’d hardly even reached twenty years of age.

Shaking his head, Roy continued in reaffirming his stance on the proposal. “We bump their daughter off, we’ll all be pinched before we even get a whiff of that dough, Ric."

@CrazyCaliope (Riccardo Moretti) (Joseph Lansky)


Florence ran her tongue over her bottom row of teeth in a swift motion as she let out a small chuckle. “Interesting is one word for it,” she said with a small smile as she raised a brow towards Nico. “For once, you’ve got a pretty idea spouting out of that mouth of yours. If I didn’t have any sense, I’d say you were hopped up,” Florence teased as she crossed her arms lightly. “How would we exactly get her into one? I mean, what if she goes into the wrong one? Unless of course, we get a drugstore cowboy who isn’t an Airedale to lure her into one of our beloved speakeasies, I don’t see how we’d ensure this plan doesn’t fall through,” she pointed out as she began to drum the fingers on her right hand softly on her arm.

“Can’t exactly hand her an invitation into here. Then again, maybe we could use a drugstore cowboy,” she shrugged lightly as she gave Nico a small wink. “I’m sure it’ll be easy enough, how is this girl supposed to keep herself out of our hands at the rate she’s going after all?” Florence chuckled, knowing if anyone in on the plan didn’t screw up for a bit of dough then it would work like a charm. She couldn’t be that smart if she was just running around the place being a little rebel after all. It was like she just put a target on her own back and started handing people knives to throw.



Sasha Ruiz:
He laughed at Nico’s comment, nodding in response. “The word discreet is foreign to her, yes.” When Nico suggested a different proposal he leaned in with intrest, crossing his arms and he stared. “You own a few speakeasies don’t you Undertaker? If this Bearcat is as wild as you two say, then wouldn’t she be more then willing to have a cup of bootleg in one of our speakeasies? She’ll be right were we want her, and there are many private rooms.” he pointed a finger at Nico before slowly smiling. “It ain’t bad idea. In fact it’s better planning on your part Surgeon.” He looked over at Flotence as she spoke and he went back to the desk to grab hid glass before giving a slight shrug. “She seems a bim who’s easily amused by the thought of rebellion. Though something does tell me that she wouldn’t necessarily be such a dumb dora about waltzing in to an illegal establishment. She was raised an egg after all.” He looked over Nico and took a sip before he spoke. “Like Florence said, something like a drugstore cowboy but not necessarily. We wanna get this right the first time, we play our cards right. That means getting someone who’s a bit of a smooth talker. Someone she can easily be comfortable around. If they suggested the thought of a speakeasy, she’d take the bait. Think she’s safe.”
@ScarletSwanHunter @Hail_the_Stxrs


Nico Mendez

He looked to Florence with the same smile she had, adding in his own smugness as he watches her grow impressed, “I’ve had other pretty ideas, you just never seem to stick around long enough to listen to them. And don’t worry, I only had a few cups of java, completely sober. Now what I added to the java is another question.” He smirked, throwing back his drink to finish it off, leaving a cold taste in the back of his throat. “Although, I may be a little bent.”
At Florence’s wink, he grinned, pouring himself another glass, “You want to hear another one of my pretty ideas Nightingale. I have many about you and me.” He smirked, turning as Sasha spoke, stretching himself out on the couch with a raised brow as they both looked at him. They were obviously all on board with his plan, but their smiles, their looks at him… His eyes widened and he stood up, “You two are fried. Are you suggesting I be the drugstore cowboy? I gotta talk to the high hat? I would have thought Undertaker was the cake-eater. Isn’t she a fish?” He crossed his arms over his chest and sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “Fine. Guess I best hope Jane doesn’t have a goof, or else this who ordeal goes down.” He looked at the Sasha, “And I don’t want a word of this to Valentina.”




Joseph scoffed as the flapper could hardly stand when Big Ric dropped her like nothing. He shrugged and closed the door behind her before listening to what the big boss had to say. He stood for a moment trying to think whether the proposal was a good idea or not.

He didn’t really care about that girl it just mattered whether this would be good for their gang. He listened to Roy speak and even though he kind off agreed with him he had to disagree. “Well, Pockets… we have gotten away with many things so I say let’s do it.” He said finally speaking up. “If Big Ric thinks it’s good for the gang, why not? Besides it’s not like we’re actually going to hurt the girl… right?” He said then looking at Big Ric for confirmation.

@CrazyCaliope @themaystorms


Sasha Ruiz:
“You two are fried. Are you suggesting I be the drugstore cowboy? I gotta talk to the high hat? I would have thought Undertaker was the cake-eater. Isn’t she a fish?”
He gave a throaty chuckle and raised the glass to his lips, staring at him over the brim. “'Course I am. But seems I’m the more intimidating of the two and more known out there. Come on, you enjoy yourself some amusement.” He finally agreed and a slow smile touched his lips as he drank the last sip and slid the cup over on the table. “Sorry brother-dearest. Red-Hot Susie is a part of thiw gang, is she not? This is gang related. I won’t mention it but she’ll know eventually.” He stepped towards the door. “This needs to be planned out well. I need a detailed list of places she visits continually, her schedule, bimbos she spends time with. I’m sure those assignments can be given throughout our little family.” I opened the door and Richie was waiting there patiently as he nodded to a table in the corner. “I can leave that up to you two yes?” He asked as he looked over at them.
@ScarletSwanHunter @Hail_the_Stxrs


Riccardo Moretti
He sat back in his much too comfortable chair. Big Ric had this problem where he’d lose interest in conversations after mere seconds, so he was only half listening. He preferred action over talking, just one of the things that made him so vile.
“…daughter off, we’ll all be pinched…”
He pulled open one of his desk drawers and gripped his pistol. Checking that is was loaded, it was always loaded, he ran it through his fingers. Stroking it. He looked up at Pockets, his scowl hardening on his face, before turning to Smarts. He snarled, “What do you think ‘take her for a ride’ means, Smarts? Be a Big Timer and date her?” He flicked his head back to Pockets, his upper lip now curled into his nose. “And what idea do you think is better than my own? If you think that what I’m suggesting is bunk, then what do you think is better?”

@themaystorms - Pockets - Smarts