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Roy Bachelder

Big Ric cradling a pistol in his hands as though it was a newborn infant was all that Roy needed to witness before he fell quiet, although he’d kept his eyes locked onto the man’s and he’d refrained from letting slip any sense of concede. Smarts’ questioning about whether any harm would befall on the girl had caused Roy to turn his head to the fella, and his eyes to widen with the astonishment of what the man had said. Had it had been anyone other than Joseph who’d spoken such baloney, Pockets would have found cause to ridicule, but it wasn’t difficult to remember that the man wasn’t as well-acquainted with some of the jargon around here, considering he was what many would consider to be a swank, with his expensive suits and manner of speaking that gave the impression of a higher class of education in his youth.

Some of the former arrogance in Pockets had returned and a chuckle had surfaced at the display of naivety, which was somewhat endearing to witness for the man. The smirk on his face had remained as Big Ric had posed the question. Although the tone of voice of the old man suggested he was just daring Roy to challenge him once again, Roy Bachelder found that he was up to the challenge of stating that better idea that Riccardo Moretti had been referring to. Nodding, he began to idly wander to the decanter as he spoke.

“The Buchmans are big cheese,” he began, setting the glass down as he poured the brown, “their daughter’s a deb.” As he turned, with drink in hand, a slight glance at the pistol in Big Ric’s possession and the Bachelder had decided upon cutting straight to the chase as he raised the alcohol to his lips and proceeded to make his way over to the sofa.

“We snatch her, we hold her for ransom, Buchmans get the jeebies, and they pay to get their doll back, safe and sound, no questions asked." Raising the glass to his lips in triumph, he’d paused with the idea that had commenced, "We get our dough, and they have one less scandal on their hands.” From his knowledge, the sole daughter of the Buchmans was a deb and a scandal like this could be detrimental to finding her a suitor. Talk around town seemed to indicate the doll was a wild one, and Roy could place his bets on the fact that the Buchmans were reaching the point of wanting their daughter to marry off sometime in the future. The type of publicity the Buchmans could receive if they went public could very well be detrimental to their daughter’s prospects of finding a suitor, so Roy considered the likelihood of them going to the police was non-existent, particularly given the fact that they would be under the belief that their daughter’s life was on the line if they did so.

Raising his glass, a smirk resurfaced onto his face. The two of them had to knew very well what he was implying, but he decided to state it anyway after he had taken a sip of the drink and sat back, kicking his feet up onto the footstool, “Which makes it easier for us to sweep this under the rug, pay off some highbinders, no questions asked.

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Riccardo Moretti
His eyes now squinting at his pistol, making him look as nasty as he could look. While he was cradling his pistol above his lap, Pockets narrated but Big Ric was still only half listening, “…snatch her … for ransom … they pay … no questions …". As his vile temper was rising the more Pockets spoke, which could only be proven by the heavy exhale out of his nose like a bull ready to charge. He looked up from his pistol, staring at his third-in-command through his short eyelashes. Big Ric hated how ‘nice’ some people were, especially some young adults. He responded in a shouted snarl, “You think that idea is better than mine?!” Big Ric gripped the handle of his pistol in his right hand and pointed the end of the barrel into the desk. He slammed his left-hand flat onto the desk and pushed himself up out of his chair, moving his narrowed eyes to Smarts. “So, what say you? Who’s idea do you agree with and who’s is bunk?” He was breathing heavier through his nose now as he leaned forward. His nose partially scrunched and his mouth parted, like a cat getting ready to hiss.

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Florence let out a small laugh as she turned to Nico. “Mhm, just a little? As for those ideas, I’ll have to hear them later. Or maybe even never, that would work out for me,” she teased gently before gently shrugging. “Valentina? Someone’s pretty damn protective, I’m sure she could handle it, especially if she can handle being in the gang alongside you,” Florence said as she gave Sasha a cheeky smirk. “Of course you can boss, well, you can ensure to leave it up to me at least. Not sure about our bent little friend here,” she remarked as she silently hoped they already had tons of intel on this girl.

It would surely make things a lot easier for them but she would make do no matter what, Florence always did. Plus, it seemed while she wasn’t completely stupid, she was dumb enough to leave a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow and gobble up. Shouldn’t someone who is the child of an influential and wealthy family be a bit more careful? Or protected for that matter? It was a silly mistake on their part, one that worked for them though so who cared. She’d get the job done and then the Disciples would finally rule the city.




If Joseph were honest he didn’t care whether he died or not, he had nothing left in this world so Big Ric’s little mad face and pistol didn’t matter to him, but this was his job after all.

“I may not care about humans, but I don’t think it’s fair for us to violently hurt this lady if she’s done nothing wrong.” He said. “It is not her fault she was born to the most richesst family in the city.” He then sighed, “But… if she does begin to get out of control then perhaps we can show her who runs things here.” He finished with a shrug.

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Riccardo Moretti
How did these boys ever make it so high up in Moira? How could I let this happen? These boys are weak goofs. Goofs who will not take a life to get what they want. Not acceptable, not acceptable for this gang, not for Moira!, Big Ric thought angrily. He lifted his pistol and aimed it across his body at Pockets, holding it steadily there for a few minutes. Big Ric never had a problem killing. Panning his pistol-wielding arm around to Smarts, so that it was extended out in front of him. Another minute past. Big Ric fired, missing Smarts by an inch. The bullet became embedded in the wall behind, along with many other bullet holes decorating the door frame. Without lowering his arm or eye contact, he growled, “Fine, have it your way. Go chase yourself and come up with your plan. Don’t take any wooden nickels! In fact, use Chesire and Deadshot for actual intelligence, unless you plan to follow my idea and then Angry Al and The Butcher can help.” He finished with two words, said much louder and angrier, even through clenched teeth, "Beat it!"

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Nico Mendez

Red-Hot Susie. Right. Not Val. He sighed, knowing that Valentina was no longer his baby sister. The one he would do anything to protect. Give up anything for. But she was now working for the gang. She was now a part of them. She was no longer Val, his baby sister. She was now Red-Hot Susie. She was no longer the baby he would visit every day at the hospital when she was born to give her sugar packs to play with. She loved to hear the way they rattled as she shook them. A small smile came across his face at the memory as he looked down into his cup.
He was snapped back as the boss stepped out, “Of course. You can count on us.” He eyed Florence, a smirk on his lips, “As much as you want to believe I’m just some bent man off the streets, you know there is a reason I became second in command.” He said as he held the door for Florence, “Or is this playful chatter. Are you flirting with me Nightingale?” He chuckled, stepping out the door to try and find whoever to help out with this plan, hoping Val would find out later rather than sooner.




Joseph felt the gunshot miss him by an inch. He hardly flinched but was almost upset he wasn’t actually shot. After the boss finally agreed with their plan he looked at Pockets and gave him a small nod. Yet, as he heard the name of which he despised the most he looked back at Big Ric immediately. “I will not have The Butcher be apart of any of this.” He said sternly, he knew about The Butcher’s past and even if he was loyal to this gang he could care less if that man died or not. Joseph may not have care for adults as much, but he cared for children and he feared any time The Butcher came across to them.

Not waiting for a response from Big Ric, he exited the room and prepared to call Deadshot and Cheshire. He didn’t care what the boss thought, he knew he wasn’t weak, there was a reason he got this position and he didn’t plan on loosing it sooner or later.

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Roy Bachelder

“Damn straight,” Pockets had murmured as he reached an arm to set the glass of whiskey down onto the floor, before straightening his posture and leaning forward with his fingers locked together after a period of staring down at the floor in absent thought. In hindsight, while he may have let his arrogance get the best of him, Roy was holding onto the smallest possibility that Big Ric would miraculously reconsider his stance. Pockets knew he had taken a risk when he had proposed the idea and, had the third-in-command not proven as valuable as he had done over the years, Roy was sure that Big Ric would have already blown his brains out there and then, judging by the sheer look of indignation stretched out across the man’s face. Fortunately for him, though, his words would have been scarcely audible amidst the raised voice reverberating through the room.

Feeling a palpitation in his chest as he awaited the verdict from Smarts, Roy stared down at the wooden surface of the floor. The sound of the words, “I don’t think it’s fair for us to violently hurt this lady,” brought a silent relief washing over him and he felt some of the tension in his chest relax. He had to admire the guy for standing by him, considering Big Ric was a tough one to go up against. If there was one thing that was the mark of a true man, it was the conviction to stand up against something, and that had been a moral Roy had learnt in his childhood, one of the lessons he could remember from his father before he had passed and before the life of crime of one particular Roy Bachelder had began.

Raising his gaze, Pockets had to fight back a smile from forming on his face. The look of aggravation worn by Big Ric was almost comical to see, and a part of Roy was amused at how helpless the Boss was against the opinion of both in-commands. Forcing a straight face as Pockets found the pistol aimed in his direction, he had found his hand instinctively drawn to the gun holster he wore across his chest, beneath his suit jacket. The gun was soon enough turned to Smarts though. At the sound of burned powder, Roy forced himself to refrain from flinching at the noise of the bullet being fired: something that had become a commonplace occurrence in the office of the mafioso.

“Boss,” he acknowledged, before following out behind Pockets who had become the unfortunate victim of Big Ric’s intimidation tactics. Roy eyed the man with a smile, “You’re one tough Bruno,” he spoke after a while, before reaching for a cigarette, though he hadn’t said any more as they reached the ground floor.

The Butcher was a bad idea indeed.

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Beom-hyuk Ran

Beom-hyuk deliberately brought the tea cup to his lips, drinking leisurely to devour its excellent taste-- but he didn’t want any of it to stain his expensive black blazer or white dress shirt he had bought only a few days ago.

Such refined tea he was drinking belonged to the tea leaves of the British royal family, which had been exported to America due to the increase consumption of the beverages. Though this particular tea was very costly considering its background, Beom-hyuk had more than enough money to buy dozens of them.

With his back leaning elegantly against the wall of the room inside the Moira Headquarters, Beom-hyuk scanned the encompassing area, quietly enjoying the surprising quietness at this time of the day.

For now, he had no missions yet felt unsettled and upset by that. He wanted to do something-- work. Though he thought they were a real pain in the rear, it satisfied him. Really, he had nothing to do, and work was the only thing that had him occupied, sparing him from such boredom and nothingness he would’ve experienced.

The previous mission he was assigned to take after was to ensure a scandalous drug auction went smoothly. And it did, until some airedale and his blotto wife caused a ruckus. Luckily, the commotion ended with the swift motion of Beom-hyuk’s gun, and the rest of the auction continued without another plight.

But that was only a few days ago.

Beom-hyuk finished his tea, setting it aside briskly and crossing his arms over his chest as he watched Smarts and Pockets walk down the stairs. They appeared as though they were looking for somebody.

“What was punching the bag about?” Beom-hyuk’s voice called out calmly.

He raked a portion his dusky black bangs to the side as he waited for Smarts’ answer.

ORP: The definitions of the slang used, just in case you don’t want to refer back to the PDF:

Airedale - an unattractive man
Blotto - drunk
Punching/Punch the bag - small talk



Joseph just looked ahead as they walked back to the ground floor and smirked at his comment. “I’ve worked for the fella for a very long time, I’m used to it.” He said with a shrug, “Besides, if I want a roof over my head, I gotta deal with all his bunk.” He says before finally turning to look at him as he reached for a cigarette. “I really need a ciggy.” He sighs as he grabs one from his own box also and lights it.

Finally arriving to the ground floor, he almost walked out to the door before he hears a familiar voice making him stop. He takes the cigarette out of his mouth and turns to the man, “We have a job to do, I need you and Deadshot to assist, so give Deadshot a call for me. No one else can know about this.” He tells him before walking closer to him, “Especially. Not. The Butcher.” He says pointing his finger on his chest on every word, to let him know how serious this is. “I don’t want him to find out about this. Pockets would explain more since he was the one to convince Big Ric to do it his way,” He says before looking at Pockets, “Unless you want to wait for Deadshot to arrive before you explain your plan.” Joseph says as he backs away from Cheshire and puts his cigarette back in his mouth while he waits for Pockets to talk.

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Okay this is my first time using the slang words so please bare with me if there’s any mistakes :sweat_smile:

  • fella - fellow “man” | bunk - nonsense | ciggy -cigarette


Beom-hyuk Ran

At the mention of ‘job,’ Beom-hyuk’s brow raised, interest igniting in his jet-black eyes. Finally, there was something-- a job to do. He straightened his stance, keen to know more about this new mission.

“…give Deadshot a call for me. No one else can know about this.”

“Consider it done, Smarts.” Beom-hyuk replied with a gesture of his head, and a small but confident smirk twisted the corners of his lips.

At that point, Smarts strolled closer to him, and Beom-hyuk could almost feel the man’s shadow looming over his frame. Things took another serious turn when Smarts said not to incorporate the Butcher into the matter-- he appeared demanding about what he had said, and Beom-hyuk’s smirk dropped sedately to shift into a critical, but calm expression.

“Of course.” Beom-hyuk reacted cooly, concurring with Smarts without objection. He turned over his head, and strode over to the small telephone table just right over by the dark corner, picking up the call-handle.

“Deadshot? Come over to the HQ-- it’s imperative.”

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Johnny Vitorello
Johnny arrived home just before his phone began ringing. He’d been out drinking with The Butcher all night and had made such he’d got home first. Removing his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt, the phone rang. He walked to the candlestick and picked up the receiver, placing it to his ear. He leaned over and spoke into the candlestick, “Hello, Vitorello speaking.” “Deadshot? Come over to the HQ-- it’s imperative,” was all he heard before the hum as the line went dead. Johnny decided to still have a shower since he smelled like he was ossified. He stripped and stepped into his tub. Turning on the water and letting it run over him as he washed his body quickly. Afterwards, he dried and dressed in trousers and a pale shirt, with an overcoat and flat cap.
After 30 minutes, he walked through the entrance of the restaurant and took out his hope chest, putting a fag in his mouth. Spotting the group in mere moments, he walked over and nodded to each of them before asking, “Light me?”

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a candlestick = two-piece, more popular telephone, ossified = drunk, hope chest = a pack of cigarettes, a fag = a cigarette

Everyone can start, by the way. @ScarletSwanHunter @Littlefeets @epi.alyssaa


Roy Bachelder

At the sound of “Pockets would explain more”, Roy Bachelder lighted a fag and released a puff of smoke into the air. In truth, he would have preferred to leave the whole thing to Smarts to sort out. Roy had already been knee-deep in all of this since the moment he first joined, and now it appeared he was sinking in even deeper, now that he had been tasked with organising the kidnapping of the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in Port Carbon.

Awaiting the arrival of Deadshot, the half an hour had passed slowly for the man. He’d separated himself from the other two with the indication that they’d talk once the other man arrived, and seated himself at one of the tables, watching the world pass by as he devised a plan in his head in between puffs of smoke. Big Ric was a demanding fella, and he’d be wanting to see results soon enough. All that Roy had to do was to prove the worth of his idea to the crook.

Breathing out smoke once again, the man’s attention was alerted to an approaching Deadshot with the sound of an opening door. As quickly as he had seen him, Roy had stubbed the flame out and discarded the fag at the table top, before making his way over to where the three of them had gathered at one corner of the restaurant. Although he’d heard the request from Deadshot to have his fag lighted, Roy paid no attention to it as he glanced over at the other two. Roy didn’t deal in niceties with the other regulars of Moira, and today was no exception to that rule.

“You two, listen up,” he demanded. Lowering his voice, he spoke. “Big Ric wants us to snatch Buchman’s doll and hold her up for ransom,” Pockets explained, taking on a stern demeanour as he glared down at the two with authority. “I want eyes and ears out on anything that can help, and no word of this to anyone, understood? (Joseph Lansky)
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Johnny Vitorello
Johnny’s eyes expanded and his mouth hung open, with his unlit fag hanging from his bottom lip. “Big Ric wants us to snatch Buchman’s doll…" Pockets told them in a hushed tone. Big Ric was really losing the plot now. He must really be desperate for power and money. To sink as low as that, an innocent doll? And with all the stories I’ve heard about him over the years, he probably wants us to kill her too, he thought. Johnny snaffled the fag out of his own mouth between his index and middle finger. He spoke, gesturing to his fag with his other hand, “I only asked for a light.”

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Florence walked out of the room, rolling her eyes at Nico. “To be frank, I’m not interested in you Nico. You’re not my type,” she teased playfully. “And I do think we should focus on our little bearcat problem,” Florence remarked as she crossed her arms once again. “Sasha wants the people and places she visits as well as her schedule. Personally, I think that’ll be a bit easy considering she isn’t exactly sneaky,” she said. “The best thing to do right now is to divide up the work and possibly even check if she has a type herself. It would work out well if her type was you, maybe just because I’d enjoy seeing you flirt with her,” she smirked cheekily, wondering how his little sister would react to hearing her brother was going to catch a bearcat using his charm. That’ll be a fun conversation, won’t it!



Joseph Lansky

Joseph used the time of waiting for Deadshot to grab himself a drink. As time passed by he tapped his foot seeing it was already pass half an hour and Deadshot hadn’t arrived. He hated people being late, this was important business not just some type of hang out.

Upon his arrival, Joseph stood straight and walked back to the group and just like Pockets, he ignored Deadshot’s request to have his fag lighted. He just rolled his eyes and turned back to Pockets as he explained to the two. He nodded along to everything he had to say but stopped when he heard Deadshot’s voice once again. He glared at him and ripped the fag out of his hand. “I don’t care what you asked for, we called you here because we need you to assist on this job. Apart from being late, you say foolish things? You should take this things more serious.” He said as he grabbed him by the collar and then released him.

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Evelyn Kelly
She was sitting outside of the factory, also known as The Disciples’ HQ, but only members knew that. She looked out at the main street, many people walking along it, most likely families. She looked at them from a distance, and she looked angry. She knew that most likely everybody from the gang was inside, but all of them were adults. She was the only teenager of the group. She was known as Bambi.

She was angered by the many families walking down main street, so she rushed inside and sat down somewhere, her arms crossed and an angry look planted on her face.

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Gangsters’ Paradise ~ RP ~ Sign Ups/General Chat

Johnny Vitorello
When Smarts snatched the fag out of his hand, he wanted to pound on him right then and there. He hated that he couldn’t since he was of a higher rank. So he kept his anger within and just imagined beating him to a pulp. It was pleasing but definitely not as satisfying.
He sighed heavily before responding in the most neutralised tone he could, “And what is it that you’d like us to do? As you know I don’t work with Chesire, I work with The Butcher.” - Smarts
@themaystorms - Pockets
@EpisodeLover_13 - Chesire Cat


Sasha Ruiz:
“Good.” He gave a Curt nod before following Richie to the table where Frank was, watching each flapper with hungry eyes. He sat himself down onto the wooden chair and Frank jumped a little before clearing his throat and turning to face him, clearly nervous on why he was called there. Which only made Sasha more sure of the rumor. “Enjoying them?” Sasha said as he glanced at the dancers.
“W-well I’s was simply waiting for your arrival sir, nothing exactly to flip me over and roll like a dog.”
Sasha’s lips lifted into a small smile. “Surely that explains the drool on your shirt then.”
His eyes went a bit wide before he rubbed the back of his neck. “Well-”
“Which one has your eye.”
Frank furrowed his brows before looking back over at the stage. “Well…if ya ask me that…I’d say the fine blondie right there. She’s a looker.”
He was referencing Val and he smirked as he watched her dance, leaning back in his seat and placing a finger on his lip. “She’s got a long line of gams that one. Nice set of bubs as well,” Frank continued as he leaned forward to get a better look at her movements. She would be an excellent worker for bringing in money too if her brother wasn’t so against it. Sasha had almost let it slide on a few occasions but then Nico would somehow always find out. “That she does,” Sasha responded before sitting back up. Frank seemed to be pulled back in to the conversation and he turned his head back to Sasha. “Wh-what exactly did you need?” Sasha stared at him for a moment, slightly narrowing his eyes before giving him a reassuring smile after thinking up a small plan in his head. “You’re one of my biggest sellers Franky boy. Even if you aren’t part of the gang I let you in on the goods 'cos you’re a persuasive individual, though my profits haven’t been what I would have liked. Nonetheless, you sold a good amount. This is just my little treat to ya. Keep I up.” Anyone who knew Sasha like the back of their hand would have taken just that as a warning. Rewarding people for jobs they should be doing was not something on his agenda.
Frank’s eyes widened in surprise and Sasha nodded at Richie who brought a couple drinks over. “Keep ‘em giggle waters comin’ would ya?” He nodded then placed himself back at the bar. After a small conversation Sasha turned his thoughts back to the task at hand. “You seem to be doing very successful in such a short time. As if you got more money out of the deals then I do,” Sasha said with an innocent chuckle. Frank’s body tensed at the line amd he cleared his throat quickly, giving a small smile. “Well, in such a business, one earns a lot of cabbage boss.” He sipped his beer before coughing again and standing up, wiping sweat from his forehead. “U-uh I believe I should blow, seeing as it’s getting uh-l-late.” He began walking until Sasha swiftly grabbed his wrist, pressing hard and Frank turned around in fear. Sasha glanced around, eyeing his other peaceful customers who were enjoying their times before he landed on Val. He smirked as he looked back over to Frank, his face becoming ashen. “Alcohol isn’t much of a prize when you sell it now is it Franky Boy?” He nodded to the stage and Franky turned around. Sasha let go of his wrist and whistled out, giving one snap before motioning for Val with his finger.


Beom-hyuk Ran

"We’re leaving The Butcher out of this, so you’ll have to adjust with us, Deadshot.” Beom-hyuk addressed solemnly when the man expressed that he only worked with The Butcher.

He glanced over to Smarts and Pockets.

“If we’re going to take her for a ride, what do you believe we should do first? Investigate the map?” Beom-hyuk suggested, attempting to seek some sort of response from one of or both higher-ranking individuals.

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ORP: The definitions of the slang used, just in case you don’t want to refer back to the PDF:

Take someone for a ride - to take someone to a deserted location and murder them.