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Gangsters’ Paradise - creators are @jdepisode & @CrazyCaliope

Port Carbon!
In the 1920s, Port Carbon is an idyllic seaside city with an enriched community and an ever-increasing population. Unfortunately, every place has a seedy side and Port Carbon has the worst.
The city has been split for years, by two rival gangs; ‘The Disciples’ and ‘Moira’! Each own half the city, but want to own the whole city. To do this, they need more money, and neither gang are big enough in bootlegging or the drug trade to earn enough to buy the city. They each come up with the same plan to kidnap the daughter of the richest man to ransom her for the money.

The city!

The time period:

The Roaring Twenties was a time for Jazz music, Art Deco, and economic prosperity, after the Great War (WW1). Automobiles, telephones, motion pictures, radio and even household electricity was seen more in the 1920s. Here started the life of the consumer. The media even started focusing on celebrities.
Also, nearly two-thirds of all people over the age of 14 were married, and very few people got divorced. Though 1920s woman may have been more independent and rebellious, men and women still mostly held the traditional role of decades past.
The only downside of the decade was the prohibition of alcohol, that’s where the gangs found their market.

Story Goal:

There are two different end goals:
1 - A race to the finish - one gang kidnaps the girl and tries to get ransom, then the other gang can try to get her back for themselves. Once one has the ransom money, they’re powerful and own the city, then it’s a bloodbath for the other side and police.
2 - There are police undercover in each gang (1-2) and no one knows who they are. This makes everyone less trusting, like the time period. The police are trying to make a bust and take down the gang syndicate without getting discovered and killed.
If there are 2 in each gang, then one could be a bad cop, and be susceptible to bribes and be working both sides of the law.


During this time, most gangsters were men, and generally the higher in rank you were, the older you were. There were some bad-ass women, but very few, maybe one in each gang.
Other women would either be the wives of gangsters, or women with loose morals.

In each gang:

  • A big boss - played by myself and Jay
  • A second-in-command
  • A third-in-command
  • A number of underlings and regulars.
  • 1-2 police/detectives who are trying to infiltrate the gangs.


  • The rich parents - played by me.
  • Their daughter - played by Jay.
  • Other small characters - played by myself and Jay.

Gangs were your families, and in some cases were your actual family. So, if you want to be related to someone, just ask them below. Honestly, no one minds here, we don’t bite … HARD! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Try to stick with names of the era too, no modern names.
Here are some suggestions:

  • Moe
  • Nico
  • Benjamin
  • Paul
  • Anthony
  • Bonnie
  • Stephanie
  • Virginia
  • Evelyn
  • Pearl
  • Di Pietro
  • Kelly
  • Lansky
  • Burke
  • Dillinger

Also, nicknames. Each gangster received a nickname they were better known as. So, when you sign-up we will read through your profile/faceclaim, and choose 3 to PM you, for you to choose one.


Start date around the 7-8th July, now postponed to the 12-13th. Sorry.


When the role-play starts, this thread will be used for general chat to keep the RP only for the story.

People who were interested … @Ypsilon, @Lady-Mehek, @themaystorms, @epi.alyssaa, @Chocolate_Mama, @Ella, @oorgeloop, and @ShortSpaces!

A Paradox in Time ~ RP ~ Sign-ups & Chat
A Paradox in Time ~ RP ~ Sign-ups & Chat
Gangsters’ Paradise ~ Official Roleplay

can i reserve for a second in command?


Which side?


the moira please!


Thank you, @epi.alyssaa. Your sign-up has been acknowledged and made available in FCs. We’ll PM you shortly with nicknames.


Okay, thank you! I’m excited for the roleplay to start, the plot is just so interesting.


Can I reserve for second in command for The Disciples?




Stop gloating and rubbing it in, lovely. (I have two :smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat: :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:)


Can I put down a reserve for third-in-command for The Disciples?


Okay, it has been a week. Can those who have reserved or liked this RP, please create their characters?! We wanted to start next weekend.
C’mon guys, please?!

@oorgeloop, @Caticorn, @Hail_the_Stxrs, @Episode.BriarRose, @Chocolate_Mama, @Etherwalker, @ShortSpaces, @ScarletSwanHunter, @Tellyg47, and @kitty4322?!


I’m very sorry, but i’ll have to drop out of this Rp. :cry:


I’m sorry, I have too many role plays to juggle in! If you’ll make a season two anytime soon, please tag me because I’ll be more than happy to join!

Thank you for understanding,
B.ROSE :rose:


I will try to sign up as soon as possible!

I think I can get it in today


Hey, I’m currently signing up for Moira! Only thing I’ve noticed is that, when submitting a form, it doesn’t let you choose an age over 16.


Damn. Thank you so much, should be fixed now.
Sorry about that, I hadn’t realised you can make limits when I selected number. Whoops. :flushed:


Signed up!


I’m really sorry, I can’t be in this RP :sweat: Hope your RP goes well


Awesome :wink:
I’ll get to it when I’m home tonight as I’m currently on a 4 hour train right now and don’t really want to do it on my phone. :smile:


Well… hmmmmm…I’ll sign up in a bit.