Garden Background With Flowers

Can anyone send me the garden background that have the flowers in it. I can’t remember what the background name is. I think there on but when I am always looking on the background section, there is always background errors, like the image aren’t loading. So, if anyone has any garden backgrounds, please comment below. If I recognize the background that I am looking for then that is that background.

Is it this one?


no not that one.

The flowers are stacked, i think.

ah okay, sorry the other pictures say I don’t have access to it for some reason?

where did you get the background?

Yep, that always happens when im searching in the backgrounds section…

@wincyyellow do you have that background with the flowers stack in it i think. It’s in your story The Ruby Tiara.

It is an Episode official background. You can find it with “INT. FLOWER SHOP - DAY” :slight_smile:

thanks so much. This is it right here.

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@Sydney_H solved. can be closed.

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: