Gas station background

I’m in desperate need of a gas station background!
if you have one please let me know or paste your drive below and I’ll gladly give credit, thank you!

(Would love to have a convince store behind it)

You can ask someone

Idk if these help :sweat_smile:


Hello @Bibelita, I’m Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum!

I’ve moved this thread to Art Resources since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.

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Do you have the shell in Day?

Would these be out of any use? :joy:



THANKKK YOUUU SOO MUCH, whats ur @ so I can give you credit?

Would you know how to resize it? I tried putting it on my background on my ep portal but it said its to small

Do you think the bg will be approved with ‘shell’ on it?

I dont know but ill try if not ill look for another

The shell one might get rejected for copyright. Try @amepisode I think she has a gas station/petrol pump in her drive

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Thank youy!

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