Gem 4 Gem 💎 anyone?

I’m interested in doing a gem 4 gem! It’s my first time doing one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so please feel free to give me some pointers! If you’re interested leave a comment :white_heart:
Story link: Episode Writer Portal

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Would love to do a Gem 4 gem.

How many gems do you want to spend total?

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It doesn’t matter to me. You can decide :blush:

I’m very much interested

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Okay! Send the link and let me know how many gems you want to spend

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That’s my link and do send me yours… I can only do 3 chapters and 10 gems

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Okay! I’ll start soon :blush:

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Ok let me know when you start then I will start too

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@denaxepisode Hello, I’d love to do a Gem for Gem with you if you’re interested. Here’s my story. How many chapters have you published?

Genre: Mystery, and a bit of everything else
Alternate/extended Description: A single text, reading “you’re invited” promises to mend a friendship long shattered by betrayal. That is, until you’re accused of murder. Snowed in, and racing against time, can you wade through the countless secrets to find the truth buried deep within the walls of Ambrogi Mansion?

No. of Chapters: 8, Ongoing
Other: No early access/skip the wait/support the author gem choices only

Story Trailer

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I’m ready

Ok me too

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I think I’ve read your story and it’s left with chapter 4 lol

Oh lol I think I did yours before too!

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Yes lol

Hey everyone I want to do a gem drop!
All you have to do is comment your story link and I’ll surprise a few people by spending gems on their story!
If you’d like to a reverse gem drop on my story DM me and let me know :blush::white_heart:

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Thanks a lot for this thread! :heart_eyes:
Here’s my recently published story in case someone would like to check it out!

Title: Marriage Chaos [AAPI SHELF 2022]
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 5 [Complete]
Description: Passionate and career driven Ragini finds herself in an unusual place when her mother asks her to get married. Drama and chaos await.

Link to the story:

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Hi! Thank you for making this thread. I would love to do a R4R with gems with you if you are interested.

I just published a new story! I would appreciate it if you gave it a chance and share it please! Feedback is welcomed!

Title: Love, S

Description: Aneesh never believed in finding someone special online until he met Serena. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Will Aneesh be able to move on, or be stuck in the past?

Style: LL

Genre: Romance

Status: 4 Chapters Published, Ongoing

My insta: @safi.episode

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Are you interested in R4R for 3 chapters?

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Yes of course! Both r4r and g4g works for me!

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Let me know when you’re ready then we start. I can give 10 gems so 5gems for a chapter

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