Gem Choice Chapter Reads Questions

I’ll start with my questions: @Liz maybe you know the answers to these since you announced the gem choices for user stories?

  1. If a gem choice is included anywhere in a chapters script does that count as a gem chapter read or must each reader actually encounter that gem choice for it to count? Ex: the gem choice only appears if you made a certain choice like go left instead of go right. -my tracking of this in my story says that they must encounter it but other authors swear that the script just has to have a gem choice for it to count.
  2. Does the last chapter of a story count toward total gem chapter reads (or general chapter reads for that matter). Is there any point in including gem choices in the last chapter of a story?
  3. Does the first (free) gem choice count toward total gem choices selected? -support had told me yes but my experience in tracking this says no.

I’ve read the posts on these forums about gem choices in User Stories but there are some questions that have not been answered. I have asked other authors, emailed support, and experimented with gem choices in my stories but am still having trouble figuring out just how gem choices work in regards to gem chapter reads as a means to unlock the writers program.

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I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

  1. My understanding is that if your story has branches each branch must have a gem choice. As you put it, yes, the reader has to encounter the gem choice in order for it to count.

2)Yes. And also yes.

  1. Yes. Support is correct.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you!!!

@Liz, Quick follow up question: is the 25% bonus to paid writers who use gem choices in their stories still something that is given out? I read about it in an older post. Thanks

Update: got confirmation from support that this is still a thing.