Gem choice- please answer

Just a quick one.
I haven’t written a story in a few years since before we could add gems. My story is going to have limited choose so i wondered

would you rather using gems to unlock art scenes (with extra dialogue) which you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise? (still some will be included without gem choices)


Just have them as an option at the end of the story to support the author and be able to see art scenes regardless?

i know not everyone can afford gems but at the same time the people who do use gems do you prefer to use them for a reason kind of thing :heartpulse:


I would advise you to put it as an option at the end of the chapter because readers don’t usually spend gems on a community story but if you want to put them in the story for an art scene, just don’t over do it or put a large number of diamonds for us to spend on the art scene.

I hope this helps.

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thank you!
I’ve seen some with choices for Art scenes (user stories) which gave me the idea would only be 5-10 gems and only ever 1 per episode

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I made a poll about what people would pay for in a story, this is the result

you can see most dont wanna pay for art scenes, almost evryone picked support author though.

Year thats also good.
Just try to be reasonable and know why people read community stories.
(some ppl i know of read them to avoid spending gems and a good/better story line)

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Erm I was just wondering how do you make stories. Ino I’m dumb. I’ve had episode for almost a year now and after the new update idk how to make them

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thank you! this is really helpful


Hey. U can write an episode story on a laptop only. if u wanna know more, pm me so we don’t get off topic.

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I would suggest you add the art scene with one person’s POV and after the scene is finished give the readers the option to view the other person’s POV for gems. Another good way of incorporating gems is outfits, Like choose 2 outfits that the reader can choose and add a gem choice to one of the outfits. (Make both outfits good but the outfit that is more ‘important’ add a gem choice to that one)

For example
This outfit is nice but this outfit is the outfit used in the art scene coming up (if that makes sense)

However this one is nice but not in the art scene

So it’s little things like that, Don’t add a major difference to the gem choice because that may lead the reader to feel left out or something like that just because they don’t have the gems.
And obviously, the support the author gem choice at the end is also a good move, One way is also to add 2 or 3 gem choices in the support part, Like add a support choice with 5 gems, One with 10 gems, And one with 15 gems. So the reader has the choice to give you how many gems they want and also have the choice to not give gems.

Something like this

The code

| underline , color:blue | Would you like to support me and my story?

choice (premiumChoice)
GEMS:5 “I would love to❤️” {

} GEMS:8 “You deserve it girl😘” {

} GEMS:12 “Lemme spoil you😜” {

} “I’m broke, But I still love you😶” {


Thank you for reading, I hope you continue.
Till then.

I prefer the last option. I definitely will support the author if I love the story and storyline. :wink: But for me paying gems for art scenes is a no for me.

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thank you for the help!

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okay i will keep art scenes free and just use it for support the author for now
thank you everyone!


Welcome honey :blob_hearts: