Gem choice poll

so im working on my first story, and im not sure how people feel about gem choices. please vote in this poll to share your feedback. :purple_heart:

  • lots of gem choices!!
  • many gem choices!
  • a few gem choices.
  • no gem choices.

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gem choice they suck

Second did you say your first story. You are not even in s point where you should even considre gem choices

alright, thanks for the feedback. i wasn’t sure, so i’m glad someone with a bit more experience could help.

sure. most people hate gem choice. also you wont even get anything out of them. unleash you get into the writer program which is very hard and wont happen with your first story. also a lot of people will properly refuse to read your story because of gem choices so its in your best interest to not make them


like @line123462 said, this is your first story. you don’t have an audience yet. if i read a story with gem choices from a beginning author, i would click off.

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IMO you probably shouldn’t use gem choices since you’re basically making the player pay to get the positive outcome. Getting reads as a beginner is hard enough, and most people will exit the story if you have gem choices.

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ok thxs :two_hearts:

alright, thanks! :heart:

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