Gem choice problem

I have a problem with the “support author” option
I made the option support to be 5 diamonds but on the mobile app it shows 15 and in the browser shows nothing. My problem is with the app.
here is part of the script


I have a question for you.
choice (Support)
GEMS:5"Support the author" {
Thank you.
} “No thanks” {
Ok, no problem.
To be continued…
!There are <> on gems just to tell.

Any suggestions, please.

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This is happening to a lot of people, it must be something with episodes system

Try putting =

GEMS:5 “Support the author” {

I don’t know if it will work but try it (:

< > either side of the GEMS:5

Other than this I don’t know what to do (:

Ok I will try thanks.

I believe that the previewer will always show 15 gems (it happened before the update too, even if the choice wasn’t actually 15 gems)

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Yeah and that’s a problem. It’s so demotivating. Bot does it still cost 5 or it’s 15. Any ideas?

if you code 5, when you publish it will cost 5, but in the previewer it will show 15

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My previewer shows correctly but maybe it’s a glitch in this case?

That’s just what happened before the update - maybe they’re slowly working on it

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