Gem Choice Swaps with premium choice

The top picture is the way it should be (and was for like over a week) & the picture right under it is the way it looks once I remove the gem choice.

So, I wanted to add a gem choice to my story so I decided to create a mini game and give the readers the option to “skip the minigame but earn points” and made that a gem choice.

There are three options you can either
play the mini game,
you can skip and you don’t get points,
or you can skip it and earn points.

I had the play button gold, skip but don’t earn points was green, and skip but earn points was a gem choice.
Everything worked perfectly until yesterday. Yesterday, when I opened up the app the gem choice was gold choice and the gold choice was a gem choice. I checked both ny phone and my computer.

So I went to my computer and checked and the coding didn’t change. but then I played my story through the preview and it was still messed up. Then, I looked at my cell phone and it was messed up.

But the weird thing about this is when I get rid of the gem choice everything goes back to normal. The play button is gold again. But I don’t know where this came from because I didn’t have this issue like a couple days ago.

I don’t know if that made any sense. but I am not sure what this issue is since it was fine a couple days ago and I’m not sure how to fix it because I didn’t mess with my coding.

(I know that the gems don’t show up on the preview. where it says play (and it isn’t gold) that’s a gem choice.

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