Gem choices are all the same?

Hello! I’m writing a story in which I’m trying to put a “support the author” gem choice. The problem is, even though it shows up perfectly fine on the portal, it doesn’t on the app. How can I fix this? Thank you!

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can i see your script

Here it is

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hmm it should work :slight_smile:

It should, the problem is that it doesn’t :confused: at least not on the create app

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what does it look like in the app?

This must be a bug, this has happened to multiple people try sending in a ticket there isn’t anything you can really do about this.


I’ve had this same problem months ago. They still didn’t fix it??

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I heard it was fixed and now it seems as though it hasn’t.

I guess I’ll have to send a ticket and hope they’re able to solve it for me :confused: thank you!

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