Gem choices are becoming too expensive

This is not ok​:sob::sob: 29 gems for FRECKLES
Even outfit choices are cheaper than this. Heck, even intimate moments with love interests are cheaper :melting_face:

Btw how much do the outfit choices cost in Love on Fire?


welcome to episode official stories. :coffee:


I’m just reading them to receive gems and buy a cute outfit for my profile avatar :raised_back_of_hand: when I buy the outfit I’m never reading one ever again :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Yea, that’s why the only gem offers I’m putting in my story are the author support ones at the end cuz ik how I feel when I read a story and can’t choose the path I want because of gems. :sleepy:


How do you know which outfits are gonna be added to your profile

Not to mention they force new readers to read these featured stories with those ridiculously priced choices so by the time they unlock the full catalogue to access reader stories they’ve already spent whatever gem’s they’ve saved up or bought. This tactic goes deeper than you think it does

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I smell cashgrab.

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Yea that sucks
Years ago Episode was just a casual laid back story app with cheap gem choices here and there so it would be still enjoyable for players
But now all they care about is money, they don’t give a :poop: about the players

And I may be wrong, but I think you can still read community stories through links? And the reads still count. Idk for sure, but that’s how I avoided reading official stories when I was new


How ridiculous is it that we have freckles in the writer’s portal but they want to charge gems to have them in a story?


I think you still can actually. That’s what I do when my friends download the app, I just send them my link

exactly, most creator stories give that option for free. It’s a naturally occurring facial feature, it’s not like it’s a cosmetic thing

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Or a “episode exclusive” like clothes/ombre hair etc that we don’t already have.

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