Gem Choices Arent Working Help

I made an option recently where the readers can choose to view an extra scene for 5 gems
and I decided to do this based on the new algorithm.
Ive been getting messages that the gem choices would let readers watch the extra scene without paying.
It will be highlighted in white with now gem number beside of it and when you click on it
no gems are paid. There are no script errors

This has actually been happening for a while, and slowly more and more readers are able to choose gem choices in community stories. So I think this is just an episode thing, I might be wrong, but I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it right now.

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It’s really difficult because gems determine popularity and your rank and affect payments. Before they put that new algorithim in place they should have fixed the gem choices.

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That’s true, the gem choices were in beta testing for a while so they should be available to everyone soon, hopefully it’ll work for you

Gosh, can regular writers use gem choices now? I have clearly been out of the loop for way too long now lol!

YES they have and im pretty sure that stories without gem choices were getting more popular than the episode featured stories so they made it tp where in order to be popular you have to use gem choices

Omg really? What is the criteria for using gem choices?