Gem choices bug

I usually add a support the author choice at the end of each chapter and when everything is working fine on my computer, when I open the app to do a quick check of my story here the diamond option is not visible
Like that👇

Does anybody now why it’s happening and how can I fix it?

Can I see the code you used?

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It’s this one
Would you like to support me?

choice (name_of_choice)
GEM:5 "Support the author " {
} "Don’t support "{

I dont see anything wrong with it, try reloading the story

Which means?:sweat_smile:
I updated the app, I fully closed it and re opened it again… but I can’t restart story’s progress…

choice (support_author)
GEMS:5 “Yes, I would love to” {

Thank you sm!

} “No, Im sorry, but I’ll support by reading” {

No problem, thanks for reading


there is mine, you can copy and paste it into yours and change it how you like.

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I see your problem, its because you did not add any dialouge or anything after your choice option and you were missing the “S” in "GEMS

Okay I’ll try that by on my computer’s preview it’s working.:heart:

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Does it have to do that my phone is Android?:thinking:

Have to do what?

  • with my phone’s system. Maybe because my system is android I can’t see the gems.

I dont get what you are asking but if you are asking if what I just sent you works with an android, than yes it does

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Okay that’s what I asked. Thanks for your help girl❤

no problem, if you need any more help, my instagram is @vibezz.wmata, its easier for me to reply on there

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