Gem choices help and how to change to choices after you hit “something else””

Help!! This is my first story, I want to add gem options but it’s not working. It doesn’t matter if I put a price, or no price, it doesn’t work when I preview it.

Also how do I get it to go back to the dress choices after you hit something else?

I wanted to do low cost gems while also having a good free option too so readers tend to read my books a bit more.

If you help I’ll be forever grateful :sob::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: I wanna move forward and can’t till I learn.

Gem choices don’t show the gems when you preview in the portal… for them to appear
as they should, you’ll need to preview it in the app instead. :blush:

Also, rather than using the: “changes into” command, you could use the “previews outfit” command, which is often used when only trying an outfit out… and then the “unpreviews outfit” command, to make the character go back to their previous outfit.

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