Gem Choices: Opinions

I posted something on the discussion thread about including gem choices in your stories. I’m just re-posting part of it here because I think it could maybe answer your question. You should also take a look at that thread since people there are already talking about all kinds of things concerning gem choices in stories. One thing I might add here is please don’t include a gem choice for every choice that appears on your story. It’s important that we get some choices where a gem option isn’t even in the picture (:

  1. When it’s done well, it can enhance a story. And it should be used sparingly. Also, if said diamonds are not easy to earn for free, mature themes can be “hidden behind a paywall”. Example: sex scenes with an LI will cost diamonds to unlock so that it’s harder for underage readers to get access to those scenes, or at least a lot of them. Only adults with a credit card can pay for diamonds and unlock those scenes easily. This also helps to actively support a company or author you want to support.
  2. There is a particular author who I think writes great stories and I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time. I was really excited to see that she started a new story and started reading it. As always, I found myself instantly hooked to her style of writing (although I prefer some of her earlier work) but then I quickly realized… every choice featured in her story was a diamond choice. So the reader isn’t given a single real choice unless they spend diamonds. Basically, there are no choices in her story: you either have diamonds or you don’t. You either get a nice scene, or you’re forced to completely skip it because you can’t afford it. Basically, when diamond choices are done badly, it can really make the story feel flat and uninteresting. This particular story already has four episodes out, and there still hasn’t been one actual choice.