Gem Choices - What Are The Pros and Cons of Adding Them

So, I’ve seen a bunch of authors adding gem choices into stories, but and I’m wondering… what are some pro’s/cons of adding them?

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My personal opinion on gem choices is that I personally don’t like them, I feel like we should be free to make our own choices that we want and that we shouldn’t shorten the story because we didn’t or couldn’t use our gems on that.
But we have to remember that there can be a positive outcome of using gems, not many but there are.


-It can support the author
-It can limit the choices so that the story can go more smoothly

That’s pretty much it…

  • It frustrates the reader
  • It limits their choices and makes for a bad choice story
  • Readers may not have enough gems to choose
  • I think we all hate when we can’t choose a nice outfit because we have to use gems for it.

it now also impacts the ranking of the story, so more gems the story receives, the higher it trends


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To me, there are no pros.

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if the gem choice is affecting the plot, i personnally dont want it
bc its the exact reason us, as reader, prefer community stories over episode’s ones

also, episode recently added a gem option for authors to make the reader pay to see the next chapter early, and imo it can be worth it only if the ep is worth it
bc for example nightshifter does it but her episodes are way too short and i feel like its a way to take gems from us without too much ““efforts””
(she is also already famous so its not like she needs this to go to the top of the rank, unlike small authors)


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