Gem choices: What do the writers earn from them

So i love how everyone can create gem choices now. It makes us able to create those special epic scenes.
However i’m not sure what more this gives to the writers… The only thing i saw it gives the author of the story a better chance at getting into the writer payment.

  • I don’t live in the USA and i know that my country doesn’t really have any method to get paid from online. So even if i want to i wont be able to join the program.

  • I also know that there are a lot of young writers (under 18) that write amazing stories. And they also wont really gain anything from writing them because their age wont allow them into the payment program.

If getting a spot in the payment program is the only thing we can earn from making gem choices i honestly don’t see much of a point in making them. I’ll just be taking away my reader’s coins without me getting anything from it in return, that doesn’t really give me any support or motivation to continue…

Maybe the writers that can’t get into the payment program can earn an amount of gems each time a gem choice is made:

The reader loses 5 gems, the author gains 2 or 3.


The reader loses 5 gems, the author gains 5 story passes

Those are just idea’s but you get what i mean lol.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but maybe there can be something that the non-writer payment program users can get from making these choices. This will make things a bit more fair in my opinion. So everyone can enjoy the earnings of gem choices.

Im also not sure if i am right about this, maybe there are more things a writer can get for making gem choices. I’ve just been looking around but couldn’t find anything so that’s why i made this post.
It’s just a suggestion :sweat_smile: so i hope i wont get any hate comments.


you do not earn anything. and there is no point in makeing them


Honestly… It’s not so much as what author’s will gain from including gem choices, but more about what Episode will gain if community author’s include them. It’s no secret that people prefer user stories as opposed to the episode official ones, so having community author’s including them is a great tactic for the company to profit, because unlike the Episode official stories, people will probably/possible buy gems to get a better outcome or bonus scene for their fave user story.


If you are a paid author, you get x amount of money from the gem choices and passes/reads you get on your story. I believe Bronte has a Youtube video explaining this. The link to Bronte’s instagram and youtube video is below!

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Thank you! This is really interesting.

Yeah this makes a lot of sense. Thank you for explaining this to me :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome

No worries :slightly_smiling_face: