Gem Error (help/advice needed ASAP please!)

I need some help…

I bought one of the gem things, the one that costs £3.84 for 60 gems.

This one

When I bought this I had 0 gems in my account, and I only recieved 51 gems. An hour or two later when I opened the app the number of gems had gone up to 534 gems.


I’ve checked my receipt and I did only buy the pack of 60 gems for £3.84 but instead of receiving 60 gems I recieved 534 gems.

Any advice on what I should do or what has happened?
Should I file a support ticket??

Please help.

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I would file a support ticket if I had any sense of integrity… but you may also want to check that you were only charged for the 60 gem one

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That’s odd :thinking:
I mean to be honest, I wouldn’t file a support ticket… guess you’re just lucky and got all them for free. Check again to make sure you were definitely charged only £3.84, and if you were charged more, then file a ticket :woman_shrugging:

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@dishsoap @Ebx

I’ve triple checked. I was only charged once for the 60.
:woman_shrugging: I don’t know if I should file a support ticket or not…

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I mean… it’s up to you :thinking:
If I were in this situation I would’ve just been like “yeap that looks like what I paid for no problem here” but I don’t know :woman_shrugging:
They might go away on their own though… shame shame.
Would you rather have 534 gems and be suspicious of your payment, or file a ticket to be safe and go back down to 60?

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Good question :thinking:

damn! This is making me question my morals :joy:

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I feel like the right thing to do would probably file a ticket… but all them gems for free.
What are you gonna do?

I know what I’d do :eyes:

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What i should do and what i want to do… two very different things.

I think I’m just going to file a support ticket.


Go for it see what happens :thinking:

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Wish I had this kind of luck when I was buying gems last year!! :rofl::rofl:

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