Gem-Free Stories

I understand that people put gem choices in their stories as a means of profiting, but can anyone recommend any good stories that don’t have any gem choices? Thank you x

What kind of story do you like? :slight_smile:

I can propose you Adrenaline -> Evil writes is the author
Or missmj author of chain reaction

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I honestly haven’t come across that many user stories with gem choices.


One is called dirty sexy teenagers it is really funnny

There are so many great user stories that do not have gem choices. As HopeFrvr wrote, Adrenaline is an amazing story without gem choices and if you want something similar, I’d recommend Framed by Hanna Mathew.
Also, MissMJ’s Chain Reaction series and the It’s just an Illusion series are also great stories, however I don’t think they’re nearly as well directed as Adrenaline and Framed (not that they are bad directed because they are definitely not!), but they do have a very good plot. However, I think Chain Reaction: King Theo (2) and Chain Reaction: Lost (3) are featured stories that include gem choices so maybe just stir clear of that anyway… :sweat_smile:
Mette M. Peleikis is also an incredibly talented writer and I’d definitely recommend her stories, especially The Assassin: Femme Fatale.

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