Gem options and what to include!

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So, as you all know by now, gems play a HUGE role for stories to get in the trending section and high rankings. So you may as well smartly include gem options to make the readers actually choose them, right?

Let’s start off by clearing out the methods that are most likely to NOT get selected.
I know people may agree or disagree with me and i totally respect that! :two_hearts: :heartbeat: But personally, I would not pick the gem options that include:

  • Art scenes, i can easily see the art scene through social media again.
  • Outfits, it’s not the end of the world if I can’t make my character wear a pretty dress!
  • Any customization feature, no I won’t go out of my way to pay gems to only change the hair color ngl. :pensive: :raised_hand:

Now for the options that are most likely to get chosen!

  • Support the author! I would 100% go for it! If I can feel the author’s hard work then of course i’ll support them!! :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
  • Bonus scenes, bonus scenes can have my heart ksdjkjk :sob: Although be careful with them! Make sure they’re WORTHY of the gems spent, or else the readers will be purely disappointed.
  • A hidden POV of a character, i would definitely go for it! Especially in a situation where I REALLY wanna find out what’s the other character is thinking about!

Now for the final gem option which is EARLY ACCESS!

  • You see, early access gives me mixed feelings ksjds :sneezing_face: Since sometimes I would actually go for it, and sometimes I won’t, if the chapter ended in a WIG FLEW OFF TO JUPITER cliffhanger, I would just say fuck it and go for it, but if the chapter’s ending is tolerable, i would wait until the chapter gets officially released.

I hope I helped anyone out there!! Have a good day/night and happy writing!! :pleading_face: :two_hearts: :heartbeat:


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It’s really helpful!!

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Hi! I just wanted to add something. I think topping points are good gem options. You’re not necessarily pushing the reader by telling them they need more points but if they’d like more they can buy some.

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Omg I forgot that method ksdsj :sob: Thank you for adding it!! :heartpulse: :revolving_hearts:

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