Gem support error


At the end of my chapters, I ask if the reader would like to support me by giving me some gems.

My script states 3 gems, but when I play the story on the portal or my phone it states 15?!



I think the lowest amount u can use is 5 gems (:


Hey Honey-Dew,

Like M_H_C_Episode said it right, the lowest amount of gems is 5 gems. It could help when you read this guide. :wink:

Love A-W

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oh that would explain it - thank you

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Although this isn’t gems linked to choices, this is support gem??

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Sorry, for that. Yeah, I saw it, too… But it’s the same amount of gems… :wink: When I took this author support choice I also tried to find anything about the choices between the amount of gems. I think I found it in an old thread on this forum. :dizzy_face:

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